Part Time Employee in Konoha - C.219: [Sponsored]: Sasuke, you can learn Edo Tensei and resurrect your own clan to kill Itachi

Part Time Employee in Konoha

C.219: [Sponsored]: Sasuke, you can learn Edo Tensei and resurrect your own clan to kill Itachi

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Hatake Kakashi's resume is quite impressive.

Haruno Sakura and Uchiha Sasuke looked at Hatake Kakashi with some surprise.

They had never really considered that their teacher had such a dazzling past, having had Akihara Kagura and Uchiha Itachi under his command.

Was this really the same teacher who always seemed a bit unreliable?

"Let's not talk about the past, shall we?"

Hatake Kakashi, holding his forehead, didn't think those days were anything to boast about; his two subordinates were competing for the future leadership of the Root, causing him, their superior, much headache.

Uchiha Sasuke quickly responded, not caring about Kakashi's past, only focused on how to avenge himself in the future, his gaze fixed on Akihara Kagura, he said sternly: "I want to learn how to kill Uchiha Itachi, by any means necessary!"

"That's easy."

Akihara Kagura, quite experienced in this matter, chuckled and said: "If you're determined to die together with Uchiha Itachi, I can teach you a technique called 'Reaper Death Seal'..."

A light smile appeared on Akihara Kagura's lips: "This technique will definitely kill Uchiha Itachi, and when he sees you using the Reaper Death Seal to die together with him, he can only face his own death with utter despair..."


Uchiha Itachi would definitely be in despair.

To convince Uchiha Sasuke further, Akihara Kagura brought up an example: "During the Chunin Exams, the Third Hokage defeated Orochimaru and the previous two Hokages using this technique..."


Uchiha Sasuke's heart surged with excitement!

No wonder Akihara Kagura, he just directly agreed to teach him a technique to kill Uchiha Itachi, much better than Hatake Kakashi!

"Hey, hey, hey..."

Hatake Kakashi was shocked by Akihara Kagura's approach and quickly waved his hand to stop him: "Kagura, this technique is a forbidden technique, you absolutely cannot let Sasuke learn this, it will cost him his life too..."

"I'm not afraid of death!"

Uchiha Sasuke's attitude was very firm!

"Let's choose a different technique."

Hatake Kakashi sighed helplessly.

Kakashi felt that Akihara Kagura just wanted the Uchiha brothers to die together, luckily he was there to watch...


Uchiha Sasuke looked discontentedly at his teacher.

Kakashi was unwilling to teach him more powerful techniques and even tried to stop Kagura from teaching him powerful techniques. Doesn't the teacher know that his only purpose in life is for revenge!

"Since Kakashi disagrees, let's drop it, he was my former boss, and he's your current boss, I must adhere to his counsel."

Akihara Kagura could only sigh helplessly, continuing: "Then I can teach you a more powerful technique, 'Edo Tensei'—a technique that the Third Hokage allowed me to learn just before his death..."

"This technique can resurrect your dead clan and family members, you can take them with you to avenge Uchiha Itachi..."

Uchiha Sasuke's expression became complicated.

Because this technique indeed desecrates the deceased, but for a child who lost his parents and clan at the age of eight, it holds a deadly allure.

"Edo Tensei..."

Even more tempting than Reaper Death Seal!


Hatake Kakashi was dumbfounded.

Uchiha Itachi killed the entire Uchiha clan, Uchiha Sasuke, seeking revenge, resurrected his entire clan to take revenge on Itachi...

Wasn't Akihara Kagura's idea a bit too strange?

And the Edo Tensei, such an evil technique, surely Sasuke, who was desperate for power, should not be learning it!

"Kagura, be a bit more serious, please?"

The Jonin instructor of Team 7 looked helplessly at Akihara Kagura: "The techniques you mentioned are too evil, not something a kid should learn..."


Uchiha Sasuke's expression darkened a bit.

"What can I teach him?"

Akihara Kagura looked at Kakashi, then at Sasuke: "How about 'Izanagi'? It's a forbidden technique of the Uchiha clan, that can turn all detrimental factors in a fight into an illusion, including death..."

"!!!" 𝒻𝓇ℯ𝘦𝘸𝑒𝑏𝓃𝑜𝓿𝘦𝑙.𝑐𝑜𝓶

Uchiha Sasuke's eyes immediately lit up.


Hatake Kakashi was also surprised, he had never heard of such a terrifying forbidden technique in the Uchiha clan!

Of course...

Does the Konoha Village's higher-ups hold quite a few interesting things?

Kagura continued discussing the merits of the technique: "Besides, Izanagi can also retain all favorable factors in a fight, you can attack your enemy, and they can't harm you, the only cost is losing sight in one Sharingan eye..."

After finishing, Kagura added: "And Uchiha Itachi definitely mastered this technique, this is also why I'm sure I can't kill him every time..."


Akihara Kagura was undoubtedly the village's most powerful ninja, just the effects of this technique and the information about Uchiha Itachi alone made it worth his while this afternoon!

If in the future he were to kill Uchiha Itachi, and that guy suddenly used Izanagi, he might get killed by Itachi instead...

"Can't you be a bit more normal..."

Kakashi cared more about the cost of the technique, and couldn't help but offer his opinion: "These techniques are too advanced for Sasuke right now, he should be progressing gradually in his training, not just being taught these techniques that come with such a huge cost..."

"No matter the cost, I'm willing to bear it!"

Uchiha Sasuke didn't care about the so-called costs, he only cared about the power he could gain: "As long as I can kill that man, I'll do anything!"

"Life isn't just about hatred..."

Kakashi shook his head, hoping Sasuke's life wouldn't be destroyed by hatred.

Even knowing the darkness and hatred Sasuke carried, he still hoped Sasuke could lead a normal ninja life...


For Uchiha Sasuke, hatred was his life.


Akihara Kagura respected Kakashi's opinion, looking at Uchiha Sasuke, he proactively said: "Since your instructor has a different opinion, I can only teach you some progressive techniques, let's start with some techniques that Uchiha Itachi also knew!"


Uchiha Sasuke clenched his teeth and nodded.

To tell the truth...

Uchiha Sasuke really wanted to join Akihara Kagura's command.

This had been Uchiha Sasuke's idea ever since the night of the massacre, and now, after interacting with Akihara Kagura, this desire grew stronger in his heart.

At least...

Akihara Kagura supported his revenge.

All the techniques he taught were aimed at dealing with Uchiha Itachi.

"Shuriken Shadow Clone Technique."

Akihara Kagura's hand flashed with a shuriken, he began explaining: "This was the technique the Third Hokage taught him back when Uchiha Itachi followed Kakashi and me to the Mist Village to capture the Fourth Mizukage, Yagura..."

As he spoke...

"Shuriken Shadow Clone Technique!"

In the next moment!

That shuriken instantly split into countless shurikens, almost covering the sky like a flock of migrating birds, densely piercing the trees!


Shock appeared on the faces of Haruno Sakura and Uchiha Sasuke.

Even Hatake Kakashi couldn't help but be surprised by this scene!

"I can also teach you a stronger one... Giant Shuriken Technique."

Akihara Kagura again pulled out a shuriken, which instantly expanded in his hand, a technique he got from the Third Hokage.

Akihara Kagura looked at Uchiha Sasuke, handing him the giant shuriken, and continued softly: "The Giant Shuriken Technique can be combined with the Shuriken Shadow Clone Technique, and your brother, Uchiha Itachi, only knows the Shuriken Shadow Clone Technique..."

"That means..."

Uchiha Sasuke took the giant shuriken, a dark and confident smile on his face: "As long as I learn these two techniques, at least I'll surpass Uchiha Itachi in shuriken throwing, right?"

"Not bad."

Akihara Kagura knew how to instruct Uchiha Sasuke.

Just occasionally bringing up Uchiha Itachi while teaching this young man, letting Uchiha Sasuke see the direction of his revenge, he would gradually become more obedient.

"Practice well!"

Akihara Kagura taught Uchiha Sasuke the hand seals, patted his little head, and chuckled: "If you have any doubts in the future, you can always come to me..."

"Thank you."

Uchiha Sasuke sincerely thanked him, making his request: "Lord Kagura, can I join Root?"

"Of course..."

"Let's forget it."

Hatake Kakashi directly interrupted Akihara Kagura, fearing his disciple would walk into a trap: "You and Sakura continue to train here, Kagura and I have something to discuss..."

"I think he's quite suitable..."

Akihara Kagura and Hatake Kakashi discussed: "Not to mention anything else, Uchiha Itachi joined the Anbu and Root at eleven years old, these departments really forge people, Uchiha Sasuke is already behind Uchiha Itachi's schedule in age..."

"Let's go, let's go."

"I feel your teaching method is not quite right..."

Akihara Kagura believed Hatake Kakashi's educational method had issues, proactively advising: "Uchiha Sasuke carries darkness, and kids at this age are quite stubborn, you can't always stop his ideas, you have to learn to guide him..."

"But I feel you'll make him more extreme..."

Hatake Kakashi didn't quite agree with Akihara Kagura's statement, continuing: "I still hope to correct his ideas first, even if he wants to avenge Uchiha Itachi, he shouldn't ruin his life..."

"Do you think a kid like this can understand so much?"

Akihara Kagura glanced back at Uchiha Sasuke, who was seriously learning the Shuriken Shadow Clone Technique, and shook his head: "Revenge is already filling his mind, nothing else fits in, you've always been unwilling to let him learn the power of revenge, this little guy will eventually walk the wrong path for the power of revenge..."

Akihara Kagura was quite accurate.

Once Uchiha Sasuke couldn't get the power of revenge in Konoha Village, he would definitely look outside the village, and as long as someone beckoned, telling him he could get the power of revenge, he would immediately defect from Konoha Village and run to them.

For example...

Now that Uchiha Sasuke couldn't get power from Hatake Kakashi but could from Akihara Kagura, he urgently wanted to leave Hatake Kakashi's command and join Root.

After Hatake Kakashi and Akihara Kagura left the training ground, Uchiha Sasuke watched their backs, a determined look in his eyes: "I must join Akihara Kagura's Root, Uchiha Itachi became stronger when he was in Root!"


Haruno Sakura looked at Uchiha Sasuke with some concern.

"Sakura, don't tell Kakashi-sensei."

Uchiha Sasuke glanced at Sakura, raised his hand and threw a shuriken, saying solemnly: "Kakashi-sensei always refuses my revenge... Only by joining Akihara Kagura's Root, without Kakashi-sensei's obstruction, can I get stronger power!"


Haruno Sakura could only nod in agreement.

At night.

Ichiraku Ramen.

Hatake Kakashi and Akihara Kagura had dinner before going their separate ways.

As Akihara Kagura leisurely walked towards the Root base, a figure suddenly flashed out, kneeling before Akihara Kagura with a determined look: "I want to join Root, to get the power to avenge Uchiha Itachi, please help me, Lord Kagura..."

It was Uchiha Sasuke.

This little guy was too impatient.

Because Uchiha Sasuke believed Akihara Kagura was in favor of him joining Root, only out of respect for Hatake Kakashi's face did he not agree, so he came to contact Akihara Kagura privately.

Akihara Kagura looked at Uchiha Sasuke.

Originally, Uchiha Itachi joined Root to supposedly save the Uchiha by kneeling before the previous Root leader, Shimura Danzo.

Now, Uchiha Sasuke, seeking to kill Uchiha Itachi and avenge the Uchiha clan, was kneeling before him, the current Root leader.

"Fate really is interesting..."

Akihara Kagura sighed, his gaze resting on Uchiha Sasuke: "Unfortunately, Captain Kakashi disagrees with my doing this..."


Uchiha Sasuke's eyes suddenly dimmed.

"Don't think of Root as so wonderful, it's more brutal than you imagine..."

Akihara Kagura watched Uchiha Sasuke, continuing softly: "Once Root's personnel violate orders, revealing their identity, they will immediately face deadly consequences, Uchiha Itachi became stronger precisely because he was tempered in such a brutal environment..."

"I can do it!"

Uchiha Sasuke's eyes immediately turned very cold!

Akihara Kagura nodded in satisfaction, continuing: "If you really want to join Root, you can only become a secret intelligence officer for Root, you cannot reveal Root's identity to anyone, hiding your secrets in the darkness..."

"As a member of Root, you'll be assigned the most dangerous missions, I'll randomly give you some dangerous tasks, even assassination missions against S-ranked rogue ninjas like Orochimaru, do you really think you can do it?"


A cold sweat appeared on Uchiha Sasuke's forehead.

Because during the Chunin Exams, Sasuke Uchiha had indeed come into contact with Orochimaru, he knew well the terror of Orochimaru, could he really accomplish the task of killing him?

"Just mentioning..."

Akihara Kagura looked at Uchiha Sasuke, continuing softly: "According to the intelligence I have, Orochimaru was once defeated by Uchiha Itachi, if you want to defeat Uchiha Itachi in the future, you at least need to have the capability to kill Orochimaru..."

"I can!"

Uchiha Sasuke's heart immediately surged with fighting spirit!

Even though the fear Orochimaru brought to Uchiha Sasuke was deep, it was far less than Uchiha Sasuke's hatred for Uchiha Itachi!


If he couldn't even kill 'someone' like Orochimaru, who had been defeated by Uchiha Itachi, how could he talk about killing Uchiha Itachi!

"Then go back first."

Akihara Kagura, without turning his head, walked towards the direction of the Root base: "Practice the techniques I taught you well, from today, you are a secret member of Root."