MTL - Zerg’s Favorite Protagonist

MTL - Zerg’s Favorite Protagonist


1President Song Bai has written abusive articles for ten years, exclusively abusing Sadin.Song Bai put on the male worm in the pen and was abusing Sadin.Looking left and right, I couldn't bear it.In the end, I decided to take it home and pamper it.2As soon as the news that the female insects hurt the male insects came out, the whole country was in an uproar, and the people who ate melons said they would definitely leave.The males say no to leave, eat melons and say revenge before leaving.The male worm basks in the first baby, eats the melon and says that he will leave after giving birth to the male cub.The male worm took a group photo of a family of four, eating melons and sayinghe couldn't say anything.3The moment he hurt the hero, Sardin's heart was ashes.He was full of despair, and he was willing to accept any punishment as long as he did not divorce.Many years later, the heirs are around their knees, and their lover is on the side.Sadin realized later that this punishment was to punish him for peace and joy in this life.The outside is sloppy, the inside is indifferent, and the outside is cold and the inside is soft.Note: Zerg background, it doesn't matter if you read it for the first timeNote 2: Mutual favor, attack favor, just look at favor and attack with caution.Note 3: Clean party carefullyContent tags: childbirth, a soft spot, interstellar sweet textSearch keywords: Protagonist: Song Bai, Sadin Supporting role: wb@ Others: - Description from novelbuddy

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