In This Life, The Greatest Star In The Universe - C.84:


Translator: MarcTempest

Editor: Rxel

Chapter 84:

Early August.

The studio was cool with the air conditioner, even though the temperature outside was over 30 degrees.

But the staff on the set felt a strange heat.

“They’re crazy.”

“I’ve never seen a rookie photo shoot go so fast. Is this okay?”

“But don’t you see? Every shot they take is an A-cut, or at least a B-cut. The photographer is also impressed.”

The studio set was decorated like a school.

It looked like a real classroom, with desks, chairs, and props.

It was so realistic that it wouldn’t be weird to start a lesson right away.

But the people standing there didn’t look real.


“How are they all so good-looking?”

“That’s because they’re from an actor agency.”

“I saw Lee Yeonwoo in person when he did a magazine photo shoot a while ago, and they don’t lose to them at all, do they?”

“Hey, that’s an exaggeration.”

But no one disagreed that the New Black members had outstanding beauty.

“Okay! Good, good. Look at the sky! Yeah!”

The photographer, who was quiet at first, was now excited and directing them.

Usually, the models were praised on the advertising set.

That way, they could feel more comfortable and natural.

But as time went by, his compliments became more sincere.

“Good! Good!”

The resulting pictures were amazing.

“Look over there.”

Someone poked the person next to them.

“That guy, the advertiser, he’s smiling for the first time since he came here.”

“He can smile too.”

“He has a reason to. I would be proud too if I chose the models well.”

As they murmured, the staff gathered around the monitor to admire the pictures after each individual cut.

Wang Jiho, holding a shoe in his hand and smiling playfully.

Seo Rihyuk, reading a book with a calm face and glasses.

Kim Junghyun, with a soccer ball on his side and a grin on his face, his hand in his pocket.

Kim Bijoo, blowing flower petals and smiling brightly.

It was a feast of A-cuts.

A production staff member who was sticking out his tongue smiled and asked the manager, “Manager. What kind of models are these kids? They pose like pros.”

“They practiced a lot by themselves.”

“Did someone teach them?”

“Yes, they did it on their own. I left them alone. Unlike acting, we don’t have any staff to coach them. And more importantly, there’s a kid among the members who’s like a teacher who teaches expressions and poses.”

“Who’s that?”

Yoon Seokhwan, the manager, answered with a smile, “You’ll see soon.”

At that, the staff realized that someone was missing.

“Come to think of it, they’re a five-member group.”

“Who’s left? Oh! There was the most handsome guy here. The one who stood out the most among them… Was his name Eunha?”

“It’s Woojoo, Woojoo.”

“It seems like it’s time for him to come out. The makeup took a long time. The others usually finish by now.”

Soon, the door of the makeup room opened and Seon Woojoo came out, and everyone noticed the cause of the delay.

‘The makeup artist really got into it.’

It was understandable.

Woojoo’s face changed dramatically after the full makeup.

His eyes, nose, and mouth were the same, but his impression was completely different.

He looked neat and straight without makeup, but with makeup, his features became more refined.

“Who was the one who said he didn’t lose to Lee Yeonwoo in person?”


“I was short-sighted.”

As they chuckled, Woojoo was surrounded by his brothers.

He walked with them like satellites, taking selfies with his phone.

The staff laughed at that.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen such a good atmosphere on the set. I should have expected it from the moment they came in with their clothes.”

Then, someone asked with a worried tone, “Is this okay? They did his makeup well, but his face stands out too much. It draws attention away from the uniform.”

“That’s true.”

It was a reasonable point.

It was good to have a striking appearance, but not more than the product being advertised.

The advertisers and the agency seemed worried about that too.

But as soon as the shooting started, everyone regained their composure.

‘He has an amazing posture.’

The model was not posing to show off himself, but to highlight the uniform he was wearing.

It was when they took the first shot.

When everyone thought it was an A-cut.


The photographer scratched his head with his hand inside his beanie, as if he was annoyed.

“Why is he doing that?”

“It was fine…”

Soon, the cause was revealed.

The photographer grabbed the idol member’s arm and started tapping his watch.

“Woojoo, you have to take off this weird watch. You ruined the photo.”

“Oh, I forgot.”

“Ugh… The photo was an A-cut, but the watch is like this…”

“I’m sorry. I’ve been wearing it since I was in the army…”

The problem was the watch that Woojoo was wearing.

An old digital watch with a loose strap.

The photographer could not hide his regret, as the first photo seemed to be pretty good.

On the other hand, the shooting resumed successfully.

The members’ poses and expressions were lively, as if they had been taught by someone.

The staff could also feel how much effort they had put into every small movement and expression.

The advertiser, who had been smiling faintly, was now nodding and laughing.

Then, someone said, “They’re taking very few shots. If they take the group shot later, they might finish earlier than ever.”

Everyone felt hopeful at that remark, when the individual shooting was almost over.

“Okay, let’s go with the most suitable feeling for the advertising concept ‘Enjoyable School Life’. Just do whatever you want with a free pose.”

“Can I use a prop?”

“Use anything you want.”

Woojoo picked up a backpack and slung it over one shoulder, smiling brightly.

It was the best shot of the day.

“That’s it! Good job!”

“Thank you!”

As the staff clapped lightly, Woojoo bowed his head and greeted them.

Woo Heeseon, the team leader of KG International, approached him.

She asked him a question, smiling satisfactorily, “Why did you pose like that at the end?”

“We did a lot of research among ourselves after seeing the advertising proposal. The concept was ‘Enjoyable School Life’, so we thought about how to convey that and came up with it beforehand.”

His answer was convincing enough for everyone in the room.

“The best part of going to school is when it’s over, right? That’s why I tried to pose with my backpack.”

As he was surrounded by his siblings again, Woojoo headed back to the waiting room.

Manager Kim of TJ New Media spoke to Director Yoon Seokhwan.

“He exceeded our expectations. I didn’t know he could do so well. Especially Woojoo, his expressions were extraordinary.”

“Yes, he practiced a lot.”

“Is he good at facial acting from the start?”

“Yes, well, he practiced that too. And there are other factors…”

Yoon Seokhwan’s eyes softened as he followed the backs of the New Black members.

“I think he was just excited to wear a school uniform.”


Woojoo feel good.

Very good.

It had been a long time since he felt this good.

He enjoyed pouring out what he had practiced, but more than anything, the outfit had a big impact.


Woojoo raised a finger to make a V on his eye.


He set the timer and made a flower with both hands.


He tried the so-called “pretty face” angle that was popular when he was in middle school.

“Geez, you do everything. Everything.”

“Shut up.”

“Are you that thrilled to wear a school uniform?”

“You, a school kid, wouldn’t know. This feeling.”

“I don’t want to know. How it feels to take pictures with that cheesy expression.”

“Fine, don’t say a word. Really.”

Woojoo glanced at Rihyuk and took another selfie.

At that moment, the youngest plopped down next to him.

“Leave him and take a picture with me, Hyung.”

“Okay. Junghyun, do you want to join us?”

“I’ll take it later.”

“Then, shall we take it just the two of us?”

Woojoo laughed with the youngest and took a bunch of pictures.

They changed their poses and expressions.

They also made finger gestures at each other.

Who would have thought?

He never had a friendship photo experience when he was in high school.

And now he was doing it with a seventeen-year-old when he was twenty-two.

“You’re doing great, great. We could have a photo exhibition.”

“Why is he so crooked today?”

“He’s trying to control his emotions. He asked me to give him a chic image.”

“Rihyuk, being annoying and being chic are different things. Chic is like this.”

Woojoo made a chic expression.

Rihyuk made a sullen face, while Junghyun blinked.

“Wow, you’re good.”

Then, the youngest followed him.

Junghyun exclaimed again.

“Jiho is good too.”

“Please be quiet. I need to control my emotions.” f𝚛𝚎𝗲we𝗯𝗻ovel.𝐜om

Their annoying eighteen-year-old opened ‘The Courage to Be Hated’ and started reading.

Meanwhile, Jiho and Woojoo looked at the smartphone screen face to face.

There were a lot of pictures of two idols wearing dark navy jackets and red ties.

“Hyung, should we make this our profile picture?”

“You’re the only one who looks good. How about this one?”

“You’re the only one who looks good. I look like an ugly bun.”

“That’s how you look.”


“Where are you going, hey, our youngest is the most handsome in the world.”

He tried to get up with a snort, but Woojoo grabbed his arm and sat him down.

As Woojoo looked at the album with Jiho and chatted, Minki Hyung came in and knocked.

“The three of you are going for a group shot.”


He waved his hand and told them to do well.

Woojoo was left alone in the empty dressing room, and he checked the pictures he had just taken. Then he turned his head.

He was taking a long time.

Woojoo should have sent someone with him when he said he was going to the bathroom. It was right in front of them, so he just let him go.

But he was such a klutz.

As Woojoo was about to call him, the door opened with a click.

“Ah, it’s on the right? Thank you.”

Bijoo, who was thanking someone outside, came in with his phone.

Then he pointed it at Woojoo.

It looked like he was recording a video on his low-quality phone.

“What are you filming?”

“Oh, I’m just showing the fans the filming set and stuff.”

Their boy, who was smiling gently, sat next to him.

“Bijoo, you look like a class president in that uniform.”

“Oh, I was the class president.”


“Yes, I’ve done it several times.”

“I see.”

He had that kind of vibe.

You know, those kids you saw at school.

They were boys, but they were quiet and diligent, and they got elected as class presidents in the second semester after being quiet in the first.

Bijoo, who was showing various smiles to the phone camera, asked Woojoo, “So, what’s the theme of what you’re filming now?”


He answered after thinking for a while.

“How about a time capsule?”

“A time capsule?”

“Yes, something we can watch later when we’re older.”

“Like at the 10th anniversary fan meeting?”

“Yes, something like that.”

“That’s nice.”

Woojoo waved his hand at the screen.

“Hello, I’m Woojoo from New Black.”


Bijoo clapped his hands and filled the audio.

And then silence.

“But if this is a time capsule, when are we opening it?”

“I don’t know, maybe when we’re in our late twenties?”

“Hey, if you’re in your late twenties, I’m thirty.”

Bijoo burst out laughing.

He was laughing so hard that he snorted.

He pointed the camera at Woojoo again.

“Um, then tell me how you feel about wearing a uniform.”

“Hi, future me and siblings. I’m wearing a uniform right now and I’m so excited. I feel great today.”

“How great?”

“Um, enough to forgive someone who did something wrong?”


Woojoo opened his eyes wide and asked him, “Bijoo, if this is a time capsule concept, don’t you have to say something serious?”

“Then say a word of blessing.”

“Hmm, what should I say? Wait a minute.”


Woojoo wanted to leave a message for their siblings who were high school students now. “Rihyuk, Jihyo. Are you watching? It’s your Hyung. I told you back then. School life is the most beautiful time. The past time is really precious. But look. You didn’t cherish that time. Do you regret not listening to me now? It’s very sad, right?”

“Hyung, that’s not a blessing.”

Bijoo covered his mouth with his hand and laughed, showing his white teeth.

“How about this, Hyung? Since we’re talking about school, let’s leave a message for the fans who are students too.”


Then the story changed.

“Um, fans… Then. Oh, hello. Soufflé. It’s Woojoo.”

“Hyung, your tone suddenly changed.”

Woojoo ignored him and looked at his reflection on the screen.

“Oh, it’s different to talk to our Soufflé. Please ignore what I just said to my siblings. Oh, our Soufflé who are working hard at school, you’re awesome.”

Bijoo laughed at his forced thumbs-up.

“I said that to my siblings because they rarely go to school. They’re busy with their singing activities, and sometimes they don’t go at all. So I told them to value their school life. To them, broadcasting stations and filming sets are everyday, and school is a special place.”


“I have to say something different to the fans who are going to school now, or who will see this in the future. School life is hard, right?” Woojoo said with a smile, “People around me might say that those days were the best, but I’m sure the students who are in school right now are having a hard time. It’s not always fun, right? There are complicated friendships, exams, and many other things.”

To be honest, he didn’t really know what school life was like.

He was already a trainee since middle school, and by the time he could attend school properly, he had already dropped out.

But he guessed living as a person was similar wherever you go.

Woojoo imagined what their fans’ school lives would be like, based on his trainee days, and spoke.

“So, I want to say that I appreciate your efforts, or that you’ve done well. It’s like going through a long tunnel. I want to tell the Soufflés who might be watching this in the future to hang in there a little more, and I want to thank our Soufflés who have been with us for a long time for enduring well.”


“Hey, Bijoo, how was that? I did well, right?”

But Bijoo had a vague expression on his face.

Did he do something wrong?

As he was thinking that, Bijoo hesitated.

He looked like he had something to say, but couldn’t.

“Oh, what should I do…”

“What’s wrong?”

“Hyung, you said you could forgive anything because you were in a good mood, right?”

“Yeah, so?”

“Hyung, this, I really didn’t know this would happen, but…”

With a dying voice, Bijoo said, "This was a live broadcast, Hyung."


As Bijoo tapped the screen, the chat window that had been hidden popped up.

* * *

A loud yell of ‘Hey!' echoed in the dressing room.

On the screen, a group of people burst into laughter as they watched Woojoo scolding Bijoo.


They were the members and managers who had their phones in their hands.