In This Life, The Greatest Star In The Universe - C.64:


Chapter 64

When I first heard that we had a radio schedule, I thought I would miss the stage.

Because unlike other stages where we faced the audience, we couldnt see their faces on the radio.

I felt sorry that we couldnt feel their reactions properly.


The moment I saw the chat window in front of me, I realized that I was wrong.

I was surprised. I was confused because there were no comments, but it turned out to be a lag.

Jang So-won stuck out her tongue and said.

Its the first time Ive seen this since I became a DJ.

The comments that were rising up too fast to read properly.

Judging by the emoticons like ^^ or , they seemed to be mostly positive.

I didnt know what they were saying, but I felt good.

Just like when the audience cheered, I could feel their emotions even if I didnt know what they meant.

The DJ spoke to us, who only had our eyes sparkling.

Usually, we say goodbye right after the live, but we missed the timing because of the listeners reactions. How about we say a few words and part ways?


If it was any other time, I would have spoken smoothly.

But because I was completely immersed in Night Sea, my head felt empty.

I just muttered whatever came to mind.

It was a song that I wrote while remembering my childhood, but I feel like I made another memory that was no less than that today. Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity. Well show you more good sides in the future.

Yes, that was New Black.

Sowon senior clapped her hands and said.

Well say goodbye to New Black here, who shared this beautiful night with us. Good job!

Thank you!

We bowed our heads to the camera.

It was a gesture of gratitude to the audience, as we did on stage.


I had a hunch that we did really well on the broadcast today.

Through the two consecutive jokes from the youngest, the advice session, and the live stage.

But I really felt it when I saw the reaction of the production team.

Good job, New Black.

The PDs face was blooming with a smile as he held our hands.

It looked familiar somehow, and I remembered that it was the same expression he had before.

When we finished recording for Music Cafe, he had that expression too.

The main writer and the engineer also said a few words.

You guys have a lot of sense, and you have good chemistry with Sowon. Make sure you clear your schedule for the next album. Well definitely call you alone then.

Yeah. Mikyung, youre a sprout that will grow into a rice cake. We have to reserve you in advance.

Especially the main writers words made us laugh out loud.

I wanted to show this scene to Seokhwan hyung.

Look, hyung. Were getting schedules too.

Ah, this is our album.

We handed over the first album CD that we couldnt deliver because of the cake incident, and they all liked it.

This is when I feel the power of music.

They seemed to like us more because they were still in the mood of Night Sea.

Wheres the signature?

The album cover is black, so its on the inner page.

Wow, the signature is so pretty.

Especially the sub-writer seemed to like it the most.

It was amazing.

An hour ago, when we met in front of the elevator, he didnt even look at us.

His face was tired, but now it was full of smiles.

Ill check out the fan cafe later, he joked, and I said I was grateful even if it was a joke, but he said he was serious.

We said goodbye to them, who were preparing to leave, and looked for the senior in the booth.

Our little ones are already superstars. Its hard to see your faces like this.

I answered with a smile.

No, were just fireflies in front of the sun compared to you, senior.

Thats right. Were like plankton, a tiny existence.

Then Ill change to krill.

She snickered at the plankton and krill who joked back. Then she pointed to the production team behind the glass with a chin gesture.

You dont know, do you? Those people are not usually kind and friendly to rookie guests like this.


That means your song was good.

Jang So-won said.

I had a feeling it would be good when I saw the sheet music, but it was even better when I heard it live. The melody was good, but I could also feel the sincerity in the way you sang.

Her gaze turned to our main vocal.

At first, I was worried if Ri-hyuk could handle it. I thought he might have some trouble with expressing the emotion or the theme.

How did you know?

Why dont you know? Weve been singing together for over two months.

She said as if it was obvious.

I didnt know until she said it, but I realized then that experience was really amazing.

I was so worried, but I was surprised that you did so well. I wondered if you were the same Ri-hyuk I knew.

Well, I got some help.

As his ears turned orange, she smiled and looked at me.

She seemed to know who helped him without asking.

As we exchanged news about the members and the managers, I got a text from Minki hyung saying he would arrive soon.

I grabbed the guitar case and took out the gift I prepared.

Oh, whats this?

She was surprised when I handed her the box I put in the case.

She nodded when I asked if she could open it.



You didnt have to give me this

I have a lot to thank you for.

There was a good reason for that.

I felt awkward coming empty-handed after a long time, but more than anything, if it wasnt for her advice, our debut showcase would have been a disaster.

We wouldnt have had an acapella live, and the reporters reactions would have been harsh.

At first, I considered a necklace or an accessory, but I thought it would be inappropriate between seniors and juniors.

I was preparing for the counseling session and I went over the previous episodes. And Junhyun said your headphones looked too old. So we collected some money and bought them. Use them when you broadcast.

I also put the receipt and the exchange voucher in there.

The slightly touching atmosphere was shattered by Ri-hyuks words.

I rolled my eyes at him as she laughed.

He looked at me with a what-did-I-do expression.

Sowon sunbae, who had been wearing headphones on her head, touched her ears and looked at us.

Her eyes curved like crescents.

Thank you, Ill use them well.

She smiled as if she was glad I gave her the gift.


The hallway of the radio center, which had soundproofing, was quiet.

As the radio broadcasts continued for 24 hours, another studio was probably communicating with the listeners right now.

As I passed through the iron door to the lobby, I felt strange.

It was like going from one world to another.

From tomorrow, Ill be back to my daily life with music broadcasts

Ah, you scared me.

Two people were sitting miserably under the elevator button.

Street Boys.

I had erased them from my memory since the live, Hanjo and Kiwon.

They got up with a pale face as we appeared.

Oh, youre here.

What are you doing there?

We were waiting.

For us?


Hanjo scratched his cheek awkwardly.

I thought we should say goodbye before we leave, because of Kiwons incident. It felt weird to just leave

Ah, yes

We exchanged awkward compliments about each others live, and then Hanjo coughed and called his brother.

Kiwon, you said you had something to say.

Ah, well

Kiwon, who had returned to his timid self after singing powerfully, shrank.

He fidgeted for a while.

Then he cautiously spoke to Ri-hyuk.

I, can I talk to you alone

Ri-hyuk nodded, and the two main vocals headed to the corner of the lobby.

It was a strange atmosphere.

One side spoke cautiously, while the other side nodded repeatedly as if they knew something.

They also said something to each other, and every time they did, the others expression brightened.

What were they talking about?

Was it about their former agency, or todays broadcast?

I suddenly felt curious.

I knew I shouldnt, but I could understand how parents felt when they peeked into their childrens diaries.

What are they thinking?

I turned my head and met Hanjos eyes, who had the same expression as me.

In the awkward air, he spoke up.

Thank you for earlier, during the live. I was so busy preparing for the rap that I couldnt take care of my brother properly. If it wasnt for you, he might have messed up from the start.

Oh, sure.

And personally, I have something a little

A little?

sorry to say to you.


Well yes, its a bit like that.

I think I know what he means, even though he doesnt say it.

I wanted to tell you on this occasion. I dont think well have the time or the mood to talk when we meet on music shows later.

Right. Its hard with the managers around.

Im sorry.

He suddenly came out with it.

I looked at him and thought.

How should I react to this?

It would be a lie to say its okay, because I wasnt okay for a while. But it would also be awkward to say I knew, right?

We had a delicate relationship.

I dont know how long it would last, but we were also rivals.

And it was too late to laugh it off now, because we didnt know what would happen in the future.

I realized it today, while doing the broadcast.

They werent such bad guys.

But the agency was a different story.

When we were doing our second and third albums, DNS Media could have sabotaged us at any time.

And they had no right to refuse, being their tools.

We were tangled up in many ways.

Thats why, the only thing I could say was decided.

Lets meet on good terms, then.

Were not friends, but at least we wont glare at each other or pass by on music shows.

He smiled softly, as if he understood the nuance.

That was enough for him.

We saw our brothers coming back from their conversation.

He asked me.

Well, since were talking, do you want to exchange numbers?

Oh. Thats

He made a sheepish expression and showed me an old feature phone.

This is our shared phone.


The company takes out our text and call records every month. They dont like it when we have numbers that arent theirs.

I thought of Park Manager, whom I met earlier, and gave a bitter smile.

Once again.

I was glad I came to our company.


Street Boys parted ways with us, taking a different elevator because they said their manager was waiting for them.

It was just the two of us left.

I watched the numbers go down quietly, then opened my lips.



What did you talk about with him?

Nothing much.

He shrugged his shoulders.

This and that, you know. We talked about what happened three years ago, and also thanked each other for todays broadcast.

I see.

What about you? What did you two talk about?

We were similar.

The conversation was cut off as the door opened.

We took a few steps in the lobby on the first floor, and my phone started to vibrate.

It looked like it was connected to the wifi.

Bae Eunmangdeok [Wang Jiho sent a gifticon]

Bae Eunmangdeok [Wang Jiho sent a gifticon]

Bae Eunmangdeok [Hyungs, I love you so much]

Bae Eunmangdeok [You know my sweet heart, right?]

Bae Eunmangdeok [(Emoticon)]

In the group chat, emoticons of raising both hands with gifticons kept popping up.

Lee Hyuks lips curled up slightly.

What are you going to do?

Read and ignore.

Good idea. He wont forgive you just because of this.

While the youngest, who had nothing but money, was busy sending gifticons, I checked other messages.

It was from Mrs. Kim Deoksoon.

Geez. She sent me a 13-line long review.

Is it from your grandma?

Yeah. She said she liked the song. And what is this, what does she mean by this?

What is it?

She asked me if I know how to wash a cat.

Do you?


I quickly searched and sent her a link.

Whats with the cat all of a sudden.

I was puzzled for a moment, but I didnt think about it for long.

As I read the message carefully, I felt proud and loved.

She really liked Night Sea.

Our Mrs. Kim Deoksoon, who always replied with short answers, read and ignored, or crazy guy, sent me such a long message.

I could feel the emotion in every word.

Especially the last one, Grandma loves you, my grandson.

I closed my phone, feeling a bit choked up.

I should video call her later when I get to the hotel.

It was when I got out of the elevator lobby, bowing to the security guard who guarded the entrance that looked like a ticket gate.


I lifted my head at the short exclamation.

I soon joined the line of people who were doing the same.


The HBS building was made of glass on all sides.

The moonlight was shining everywhere.

The lights were off and the first floor was dark, but the moonlight pouring in made me feel strangely sentimental.

I also remembered something I was curious about.


The black eyes that absorbed the moonlight turned to me.

Can I ask you something Im curious about?

What is it?

That guy, the youngest of the Street Boys. You suddenly gave him a water bottle, right? Why did you do that?

Well, its nothing.

Lee Hyuk looked away.

I was just trying to calm myself down. I was thinking of someone Im grateful for. What would this person think, how would they feel, I was thinking like that. And then I heard the sound of the water bottle and saw him in front of me.

He spoke calmly.

Thats what I thought. If I were the person Im grateful for, what would I do in this situation. I thought they would do something like this. Smile and help the kid who was nervous.

So you gave him my water bottle?

Lets forget about that.

Forget about it, Ill have to drink salt water for the next three days.

I rolled my eyes at him and he did the same.

I turned the conversation into a joke, not wanting the atmosphere to get too serious.

A text came saying they would arrive soon, so I and Lee Hyuk took our places in front of the HBS station.

As I rubbed my arms in the cold air.

This time, a soft voice came from beside me.


Lee Hyuk spoke, looking at the moon in the distance.

Thank you for today.

What is he talking about?

He didnt seem to notice me blinking, and he kept looking at the night sky.

I was really nervous because it was my first time on the radio. I was worried about what if I mess up the script, what if I ruin the song. But thanks to you, I prepared well for a week, and today I did this and that.

So, thank you.

I feel strange.

Did I hear that right?


The guy who always avoided or changed the topic when I asked him to say thank you suddenly said it.

It feels like my head is tangled up.

When I feel a complex emotion, I hear his voice.

What are you doing?

I snap out of it and see that the Grand Carnival has arrived.

The license plate shows that its our car.

He walks a few steps ahead and looks back at me with a sullen tone.

Dont space out, hurry up.

His cold face is back to normal.

I would have thought I imagined it if it werent for his ears shining brightly in the dark night.

I smile and follow him.

Hey, I have one more thing Im curious about.

What is it now?

The person youve been thanking, who is that?

He looks at me incredulously and then a faint smile appears on his face.

Whats that? That expression just now.

Its nothing. I just find it funny.

Whats so funny?

I keep asking him, but he doesnt answer.

We chat and get in the car.

Its a pretty charming night with the sound of cicadas somewhere.


An hour later.

When two members of New Black arrive at their dorm and start a fierce battle with the youngest, one tries to stop them and one eats dried squid.

At that moment.

On each music site, a song titled Wooju & Ri-hyuk Night Sea (Original Ver.) was just uploaded.