In This Life, The Greatest Star In The Universe - C.4:


Chapter 4


What if I could conquer dance, which I never improved at even after six years of being a trainee, because of my terrible motor skills?

I missed countless debut opportunities while I was a trainee. Some of my friends who joined later than me debuted before me.

I was even kicked out of the debut group after barely making it.

It was all because of dance.

The main reason why I gave up on my idol dream, and why TNT fired me, was dance.

But what if I could overcome dance

To find out, I repeated the same experiment as before.

I danced the way I knew how.

Then I watched the original choreographer on Mitube and followed along for a second recording.

When I looked at the result, I couldnt close my mouth.

Oh my god. It worked?

It was a thought I had just in case, but it was really possible.

The gap between the two videos was less than a minute, but my movements were amazingly different.

I was speechless.

It felt like the stars in the night sky were falling on me.

It was distant and unreal.

The cause of my lifelong regret, and why I was cut from the debut group, was solved so easily.

Was it a dream?

I collapsed on the ground.

The coldness of the winter sand seeped through my jeans, but I sat there blankly and looked at the sky.

The stars scattered in the night sky.

The moon half-hidden by the clouds.

I recalled what happened today, while taking in all of that.

From saving the old man and watching an action movie at the hospital.

To doing an interview and going to the playground to test my ability.

None of this was a dream.

At first, I denied reality, thinking it was impossible. But the more I experimented, the more certain I became.

I didnt know why, but I clearly gained some ability.

A kind of superpower.

I laughed out of disbelief.


As if I had gone crazy, I laughed for a long time. Then I brushed off my butt and got up.

Now dance is not a problem.

I told Seok-hwan hyung that I would give up on being an idol, but in fact, I auditioned several times after leaving TJ Enter.

And I failed every time.

The judges who were happy at my visuals and vocals frowned when they saw my wooden dance moves. And when they heard how long I was a trainee, they shook their heads.

They meant that if I couldnt do better after six years, there was no point in trying more.

But now its different.

Dance was no longer an obstacle for me.

Then, I could walk again.

I could dream again.

The path that I had given up on.


Maybe its possible now.


Eat quickly. The meat will burn.

Huh? Oh.

I snapped out of it at Seok-hwan hyungs urging.

The meat restaurant that Seok-hwan hyung took me to was a famous place in Eunpyeong-gu.

I used to drool over it when I was a trainee, wishing I could go there once. But he knew my grudge and chose this place.

I put a piece of well-cooked flower sirloin in my mouth.

The savory and fatty flavor of the charcoal-grilled beef.

He looked at me with a sour expression, as I made a blissful face.

People would think you havent eaten for three days. Eat slowly. Whos going to take it away from you?

Wasnt it you?


Werent you going to take me away?

Why do you think that?

You ordered five servings of snow sirloin for 50,000 won each, and youre not even flinching. That means its not your personal card, right? And you said you were going to get the corporate card earlier. Doesnt that mean its not a personal matter, but a business matter?

Wow, youre a Sherlock Holmes.

Ah, try it, bro.

As a thank-you for the drink, I fed him a carefully wrapped lettuce wrap.

He smiled and said,

So if I catch you, will you go with me?

See for yourself.

I glanced at the menu and answered.

If you add one more steamed egg, my heart might waver.

Yoon Seok-hwan smiled and added the steamed egg.

While we were eating meat, the hot steamed egg came out.

I scooped a spoonful of steamed egg and blew on it, then brought it to my mouth. Seok-hwan looked at me and cautiously opened his mouth.

By the way, are you okay?

What do you mean?

The college entrance exam. I saw the article that said you prepared for two years since you left the army. Your mock test scores were also in the top tier.

Its a shame, but what can I do. I cant change what happened.

You must be upset.

Its okay. Im used to this kind of thing now.

I answered with a smile.

When did my life ever go the way I wanted? If I had achieved everything I wanted, I would have been the star of Asia by now. I think its a waste of time to be emotional about something I cant change. Its only a loss for me.

You have a diamond-like mentality as always.

Not a diamond, maybe gold. But not pure gold, the kind that has some impurities mixed in.

At my joke, Seok-hwan laughed uncontrollably.

What did your grandmother say?

What do you mean?

I shivered as I recalled the phone call I had a few hours ago.

She cursed at me with every word a primate can use. Do you know what a chinchilla is, bro?

She even brought up a chinchilla?

My grandmother could make the twelve zodiacs with the animals she cursed at me. If she wasnt my grandmother, I would have sued her.

She must have said that out of concern.

I know.

Thats why I felt sorry and worried.

Bro, can we talk about something else? Its ruining my mood.

What are you talking about? Youre drinking cola right now.

Cola is alcohol too.

Since when is cola alcohol?

Its bad for your body and it makes you feel good when you drink it, so its alcohol.

I drank the soju, why are you talking nonsense?

I gulped down the cola and made a kya sound.

I cant drink alcohol.

My face would turn red as soon as I drank, so much so that people would think I was drunk.

Lets toast.

We clinked glasses and I picked up a piece of meat.



Whats the reason you asked me to meet?

I liked Yoon Seok-hwan as a person.

But business was a different matter.

No matter how much I liked him, Seok-hwan was a fiercely living social being.

He didnt call me to eat beef and reminisce.

There must be a reason why you asked me to meet today. Honestly, you saw my face on the internet and asked me to meet, thats an excuse.

Thats true.


Youre more famous than you think.


Just look at your popularity today. Youre like a mid-tier idol.

Stop flying me.

I waved my hand.

Excuse me.


I turned my head and saw a woman approaching our table.

She was in her twenties.

Her eyes sparkled as if she wanted something.

Are you the hero of Galhyeon-dong?

The hero of Galhyeon-dong.

I was indifferent when I saw it in print, but I felt embarrassed when I heard it directly. Seok-hwan hyung chuckled at my expression that was gradually turning red.

Yes, I am, but whats the matter?

Wow, awesome!

The other person burst into a hearty laugh.

I saw it on the internet today. Its really amazing.

Ah, yes

You look even better in person.

Thank you.

Can I take a picture with you?

A picture? Sure, thats fine.

I felt like I had become a celebrity.

Before turning on the camera app, I saw the famous idol group Sixty Seconds pictorial photo that decorated the background screen of her smartphone.

Is she an idol fan?

After taking the picture, she asked, Can I post it on Facebook? and left gracefully.

She seemed to have come out for a meal with her family, and when I glanced at their table, her younger brother looked like a test taker.

I muttered to myself as I watched the happy family.

I guess I really sold my face.

Do you believe it now?

A little bit.

You asked me why I wanted to meet you, right? Whats the matter?

I nodded.

Youre an entertainer


I answered before he could finish his sentence, and he blinked his eyes.

Listen to me, you brat.

Youre going to tell me to be an actor. Its obvious.

I dipped the flower sirloin, which was grilled medium rare, in the oil sauce, and a little bit of blood oozed out and floated in the oil.

I enjoyed the taste of the 1++ grade beef, which was greasy and chewy, and opened my lips.

You didnt like being an actor?


I picked up the soju bottle and filled Seok-hwan hyungs glass.

I dont care if Im an actor or an idol now. Actually, something special happened today.

I saved an old man who was driving a rear car and fell on the ice, and I got a strange ability.

The ability to copy any action I see.

I figured it out when I tried various things at the school playground.

There was no limit to the actions I could copy.

Not only martial arts skills such as punches and kicks, but also gymnastics, b-boying, idol dances, and even dancing.

The dance, which had been a headache for six years, was solved, which meant that I didnt have to be an actor.

Im thinking of trying to be an idol again.


There are people who debut at twenty-five, whats the big deal. Im a little late at twenty-one, but Im still young enough to try.

Are you going to give up on the college entrance exam?

Im not sure.

I scratched my cheek with a somewhat awkward feeling.

I told you, being an idol is not confirmed yet. I havent decided what to do with the college entrance exam yet.

So you want to be an idol, right?


Seok-hwan hyungs reaction was strange.

I tilted my head as I looked at him, who was sparkling his eyes.

Thats great, Woojoo.

What is?

If you want to be an idol, come to our company.

Wait a minute.

I raised my hand to interrupt Seok-hwan hyungs words.

Why is the story going that way? Werent you here to tell me to be an actor?

When did I?


You misunderstood it yourself. Thats why you should listen to peoples stories until the end.

Sorry, I got it wrong.

Yoon Seok-hwan took out a business card from his pocket and handed it to me.

[Lemon Entertainment Director Yoon Seok-hwan]

I opened my eyes wide at the words written on Seok-hwans new business card.

Manager? You got promoted.

Promoted? Its like moving from a big company as a director to a small company as an executive.

Congratulations. You got into a good company.

Lemon Entertainment was a small planning company, but it was a verified one that was evaluated to have a solid foundation.

It started as an actor specialized planning company, and now it was expanding its territory to the music industry.

There was also a famous girl group that debuted here recently.

Scarlet is from Lemon Enter, right?


Scarlet was a popular four-member girl group.

Was it last year?

They appeared like a comet and established their image as a talented girl group.

This time, were preparing a boy group after Scarlet. So come and audition.

Are you serious?

Seok-hwan nodded at my question.

Im serious, do you think Id joke with you while feeding you expensive meat?

Do you remember that I was cut off because I cant dance?

Do you think Id forget that?

Then why?

I looked at Seok-hwan suspiciously.

Then he let out a sigh-like laugh and shrugged his shoulders.

When I told you to come and see, the first thing I said was your dancing skills. I didnt want to discourage another person. But the higher-ups said they didnt care and told me to bring you in. 𝐟reπšŽπ˜„πšŽπ›πš—o𝚟el.cπ¨πš–


Oh, I havent told you yet.

Yoon Seok-hwan tilted his glass and sighed.

Do you know a composer named Jo Gyu-hwan?

Of course I do. Its a name you cant not know if you study composition.

Well, hes famous.

Jo Gyu-hwan.

A genius composer who had many hit songs that you could recognize by just hearing the title.

He was a person who made billions of won in royalties every year at a young age.

Hes the production director at Lemon Enter. Hes the second-in-command after the CEO, and hes mainly in charge of casting actors and singers, and producing. Scarlet is his work too.

He continued.

But hes a really weird person. His nickname is fortune-teller.


He knows what will hit and what will flop amazingly well. His accuracy rate is almost 99 percent.

Is that possible?

Its true, man.

Yoon Seok-hwan snapped at me, who was laughing as if it was absurd, and told me a few examples.

He picked a song that everyone said would flop as the title track.

He persuaded the company to put an actor in a minor-themed movie that was sure to fail.

The song that was supposed to flop hit number one on the chart in a day, and the male actor who reluctantly starred in the movie became a ten million actor.

Most of them are stories I heard, but I watched Scarlets casting myself.

The casting of Scarlet, who was famous as a talented girl group, was like that.

He picked someone he saw walking around Hongdae.

He handed a business card to a high school student sitting on the subway.

And thats how he made Scarlet, who picked up like that, the most hit rookie group in 2012.

Seok-hwan shook his head as if he was tired, remembering that time.

Anyway, that Jo Gyu-hwan director wants you as a new member of Lemon Enters boy group.


Just like I said.

I stared at Seok-hwan for a moment.



Tell me honestly. The boy group youre telling me to join right now. Its not in a good state, right?

Huh? Not in a good state?

Why would they suddenly pick a new member for a problem-free group? There must be some internal problem, so theyre picking a new member.

Seok-hwans offer was tempting.

It was a boy group produced by Midass hand, and Midass hand wanted me personally.

But nothing goes well in the world.

When a really amazing opportunity comes, you have to think about it.

Why did this opportunity stay until it was my turn?

Especially when Im not even a trainee, but a student.

What, its not a problem per se.

Seok-hwan hyung scratched his nose and said.

Its just a bit complicated.

He explained the situation to me.

Originally, the idol project that Lemon Entertainment was preparing was a boy group.

While Director Jo Gyu-hwan was ambitiously producing Scarlet, the companys management team was independently preparing a boy group.

The goal was seven members.

But there was a problem.

One of the trainees had a bad personality and constantly clashed with other trainees, and eventually he was kicked out of the company.

That alone would not have delayed things so much.

Just when it seemed like the situation was settled with the expulsion, two of the six remaining members left before their debut.

The problem was that they left after taking their debut profile pictures.

The remaining four were mentally broken.

And thats how two years passed.

After Scarlet settled in earlier this year, Director Jo took over as the boy group producer.


He decided to drastically revise the original seven-member project and debut with five members. He held a lot of auditions, but unfortunately he didnt seem to find anyone he liked. Until today, that is.

Until today, he said.

Could it be

When we were having lunch, your face came on the TV at the restaurant and his eyes were looking at you in an unusual way. I asked him why and he said this.