I was Caught up in a Hero Summoning, but that World is at Peace (WN) - C.1911: Ship Party ㉛


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The room used as a lounge is quite spacious and has a large sofa, as to be expected of a luxury cruise ship. There was also a table and chairs nearby, the same spot where I had tea with Shiro-san earlier…… but this time, since I'm going to take a break, I wanted to relax on the sofa.

[Dr. Vier, would doing it on the sofa be alright?]


[Then, let me get us something to drink from my magic box……]

[Whoa there, that won't do, Miyama-kun.]


Sitting down on the sofa, I was about to bring out some tea or the like from my magic box, when Dr. Vier asked me to stop.

[It's currently Miyama-kun's break time, so you shouldn't try to entertain me here. Miyama-kun is an earnest, kind and really good boy…… but you really aren't good at taking proper rests, so I'd like you to just leave matters like that to me.]

[I see, if that's what the doctor recommends, I have no choice but to obey. Well then, I'll take you up on your offer and leave matters to you, Dr. Vier.]

[Unn. That said, Miyama-kun, is your throat parched?]

[No, I had some drinks back at the party, so not at all.]

When she said I'm bad at resting, I can't help but agree. In fact, there has also been that time in the past when Kuro got mad at me for not taking enough breaks, and how should I say this…… Even though I had been telling off Anima for this matter before, one way or another, us master and retainer ended up resembling each other, both of us not being very good at resting.

I guess it's just part of my personality. Somehow, I just keep thinking I need to do this or I have to do that. And so, it really might be better to leave matters to Dr. Vier and make sure I take a proper rest.

[I see, I'm not thirsty either…… so I think we can do without the drinks. Well then, given the opportunity, I'll give you a massage on your shoulders and back. Being in such a party would make people conscious of the fatigue their legs would have, but if you've been standing with good posture for a long time, the muscles on your back can get stiff, which can later lead to shoulder and back pain.]

[I see…… Indeed, now that you mentioned it, I do feel a bit tense around my shoulder blades.]

[Unn. That area tends to take on a lot of stress. It's important to loosen it up before you start feeling pain. We can do it while sitting, but since the sofa is wide enough, why don't you lie down on your stomach a bit? I'll cast State Preservation Magic on your clothes, so you don't have to worry about wrinkles…… but for ease of massage, I'd appreciate it if you'd take off your jacket.]

[I understand.]

Following Dr. Vier's words, I take off my suit jacket and hang it on the hanger rack in my room. Then, I lay down on the sofa in a prone position.

The sofa itself is quite large, so there's plenty of room to lie on my face.

[Then, I'm going to massage your neck, shoulders and back. Let me know if it hurts.]

[Yes. I'm in your care.]

When I told her so, Dr. Vier's hands touched my neck, giving me a gentle massage that seemed to loosen up my entire body. It wasn't too strong, but it felt like she was relaxing my muscles…… and it felt very good.

Dr. Vier's skillful massage was probably the main factor, but I felt like the tension around my neck was gradually easing away.

[Miyama-kun, how is it? Is the strength alright?]

[Yes…… Or rather, it felt extremely good. I've had my shoulders massaged a bit before, but Dr. Vier is really good at massaging huh. As a doctor, do you often give massages?]

[No, not at all. I am knowledgeable about the structure of a human's body, so I do know which spots could help you feel relaxed, but I don't have the opportunity to give massages in my daily work as a doctor. When people come to see a doctor, they’re often there when they have severe muscle pain or sore muscles, and massaging them in such a condition can damage the muscles, so I don't massage them, but apply medicine. If their symptoms are severe, I'd instead opt for Healing Magic.]

Well, Healing Magic would certainly be a quicker treatment. Massages have the advantage of being pleasant and relaxing, but medicine or Healing Magic would be more appropriate for treatments.

The purpose of massages was only to help me relax and recover from fatigue, not for her to treat me as a doctor, so that's why she's giving me a massage.

While I had such thoughts in mind, Dr. Vier suddenly brought her mouth close to my ear and whispered in a sweet, bewitching voice.

[……That's why, my massage…… is a special service only for my beloved Miyama-kun…… or something like that, fufu.]

As her warm breath tickled my ear, my heart couldn't help skipping a beat. This slight warmth in my cheeks, whether it's from the improved blood circulation due to the massage or perhaps from embarrassment…… isn't something I'm quite sure about, but it's something that doesn't make me feel bad.


Serious-senpai : [G- Guhaak…… I knew it would turn out this way, d*mn it!]𝔣𝔯𝖊𝔢𝖜𝔢𝔟𝖓𝖔𝔳𝔢𝖑.𝔠𝖔𝔪