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Chapter 435: 0435

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Chapter 435-Matryoshka! (1)

“Do you have a better idea?”

The expression on Wu Guan’s face finally showed a slight fluctuation.

She raised her slender eyebrows and focused on Xia Feng for a moment before nodding and continuing,”

“Then try it.”

He was straightforward and without any hesitation.

” What?” Feng Xia was curious when he saw her attitude.” Aren’t you afraid that I might accidentally kill him?”

“He’s already dead.” Wu Guan shook his head.” As long as I’m here, his spiritual consciousness will be here.”

Xia Feng was more or less relieved.

As the two of them didn’t intentionally conceal their conversation from Shuang Xueming, the dignified son of the Han King couldn’t help but tremble a few times when he heard this.

Even though he was only in the state of a wisp of spiritual consciousness and could not even be considered a remnant soul, he could not help but lower his head, trying to further reduce his presence.

Pitiful, weak, and helpless.

This was the first time Shuang Xueming had such a feeling since he was born.

“In that case,”

Feng Xia took a deep breath and clenched his right fist. He smiled brightly and turned around to look at the person who was pretending to be dead. Shuang Xueming pretended to be alive, then threw a punch without hesitation.

Shuang Xueming screamed on the spot.

However, he shook a few times in shock and looked around suspiciously. Feng Xia’s huge fist had already passed through his spiritual consciousness, but it didn’t seem to have hurt him.

“Strange, could it be that the spiritual consciousness state and the spirit body state… They are not in the same state, so even if he is proficient in the Dao of the Soul, he can’t cause any harm to me?”

This thought suddenly appeared in Shuang Xuemings mind.

At this point, he had a rough understanding of his situation.

To put it simply, he was indeed dead, but he was not completely dead.

The so-called spiritual consciousness was the most original thing in the soul. Even if a living beings body and soul were destroyed, as long as the spiritual consciousness still existed, there was still the possibility of reincarnation.

If even his spiritual sense was destroyed, then he would really lose everything.

Right now, he was in a state where he only had a wisp of spiritual sense left.

Under normal circumstances, one’s spiritual sense was usually muddled. Unless there was a supreme mighty figure taking action, it was absolutely impossible for one to regain consciousness on their own. His current situation could be said to be extremely special.

And now…

“She might really be an extremely strong person…”

Shuang Xuemings gaze fell on Wu Guan, and then on Xia Feng. He could not help but laugh proudly.” Xia Donghai, is this the solution you mentioned?”

“Don’t tell me you think…This kind of fist can scare me and make me spit out my secrets?”

Although he couldn’t fully understand Feng Xia and Wu Guan’s conversation,

Shuang Xueming could tell that the two of them wanted to get some shocking

secret from him:

Since the other party had a request, then he had the leeway to mediate.

“Oh, no need.’

‘ It’s done.” Summer Breeze retracted his fist.” It’s done.’

A colorful ball of light fell in front of him.

It was an attribute light ball that only he could see.

“Moreover, he also made an unexpected discovery,” After I advanced to the Spiritual Mansion Realm, my attribute special ability…Did something change?”

Before this, he was busy fighting the Saint Child. It was only now that he realized that his attribute superpower seemed to be slightly different from before.

To be more precise…

That might be a form of evolution!

“It really seems different…”

Feng Xia muttered in his heart.

In the past, the attribute light orbs only existed for a short period of time. If he did not absorb them quickly, they would disappear soon.

But now, Feng Xia had a strange premonition.

Even if he did not move them, these attribute light balls would not disappear!

“It seems that it’s not just that…”

Feng Xia’s gaze landed on one of the attribute orbs.

On this attribute light ball, incomparably mysterious runes were engraved. They were constantly changing. Just a glance at them seemed to be able to freeze one’s soul.

[Incomplete Netherworld Emperor Seal]

Was this a freaking nesting doll?

Feng Xia’s eyes flashed with a deep sense of speechlessness. Then, he raised his hand and grabbed the attribute light ball.

At this moment, a strange scene appeared.

Feng Xia could clearly feel that there was an extra weight on his palm.

Before this, all the elemental light orbs were non-existent. Only Feng Xia could see them and only he could touch them. Even someone as strong as Patriarch Dustsea and Goddess Wuguan could not detect the existence of the elemental light orbs.

However, at this moment, Feng Xia’s eyes revealed a strange look. Goddess

Wuguan, who was standing beside him, also let out a soft sound of suspicion.

“This is…” she said softly.

“As expected! ”

Realization dawned on Summer Wind’s eyes.

After his main body advanced to the Spiritual Abode realm, his attribute special ability also evolved. Not only did the attribute light orbs exist for a longer time, but more importantly, he could rely on his own will to transform the attribute light orbs into physical existences!

Therefore, at this moment, Wu Guan also saw the [Broken Seal of the Emperor of the Dead]!

“From all angles, this is an incredible evolution…”

” What?” Xia Feng muttered to himself and smiled.” Are you talking about this mark?”

He wasn’t worried that Wu Guan would rob him. According to his understanding of Moon Goddess, she shouldn’t be such a low-class person.

Moreover, even if Wu Guan really wanted to snatch it…

He couldn’t beat her at all, alright?

“It seems…This is it.’

Wu Guan stared at it for a long time before nodding gently.

” What?” However, she narrowed her eyes and said with a trace of doubt,” However, it seems to be more incomplete than I expected.”

That was because it was originally a nesting doll…Oh no, it was originally an incomplete Underworld Emperor Seal!

Most of the light orbs dropped by attribute special abilities were incomplete.

This point had not changed even after the evolution of his attribute ability.

Then the problem was…

What if the original body of the dropped item was incomplete?

There was only one answer.

No, no, no!

“It’s not a big problem. I just need to do it a few more times.”

” You’re right.” After confirming that there was no mistake, Summer Breeze’s lips twitched. He looked at the stunned comrade,” Ming Shuang, you have two choices now.”

“Wait a minute! What are you trying to do to me?” For some reason, Shuang Xueming felt a sense of horror.

“Nothing. I just want to study your body properly…Oh no, it’s just the structure of your spiritual sense…Watch your punches!”

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