I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head - C.2273: Secluded Cultivation to Understand the Domain

I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head

C.2273: Secluded Cultivation to Understand the Domain


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“You’re saying that there’s actually a Domainian in the ancient battlefield?”

Chu Yunfan asked in confusion.

This was because he had learned something else from the big black wolf, which surprised him. In the ancient battlefield, there were not only experts in the Divine Treasure Stage, but there were also experts in the Domain Stage. “Yes, my lord!” the big black wolf said obediently. He was as obedient as he could be, afraid that Chu Yunfan would kill him with a slap if he was unhappy.

“Divine Treasures came here to seek a way to enter the Domain Stage, so why are Domainians here?” Chu Yunfan asked.

The big black wolf smiled bitterly. “We Divine Treasures need the domains of Domainians to comprehend our domains and step into the Domain Stage. However, those Domainians also need these domains to deepen their comprehension of the Domain Stage!’

The big black wolf looked at Chu Yunfan. Obviously, in its eyes, Chu Yunfan was like a man who didn’t know how hungry he was.

Chu Yunfan paused for a moment, then immediately understood why.

He had never considered this problem before.

It was only a matter of time for ordinary geniuses to cultivate to the peak of the Domain Stage. It was not a matter of whether they could or not. It was just a matter of when. Not to mention the Supreme Youths. The Domain Stage wasn’t their limit. Even the King Stage wasn’t their limit.

Hence, they naturally did not need to consider using such a method to deepen their understanding of the Domain Stage. Unless they were in a rush, they would rather strengthen their cultivation and comprehension bit by bit.

However, for ordinary Domainians, they were lucky enough to be able to reach the Domain Stage.

If they wanted to take another step forward and reach a higher level in the Domain Stage, it would be extremely difficult.

In fact, it would be difficult for them to make any progress in their entire life.

Hence, they had no choice but to think of ways to improve themselves. The fastest and most effective way was to devour the domain of a Domainian and increase their understanding of the Domain Stage.

This was a more effective method.

Due to this reason, many Domainians who felt that they had no hope of breaking through would come here to search for the domain of a Domainian so that they could comprehend the various mysteries within the domain.

As time passed, more and more Domainians gathered here. It became a gathering place for Domainians.

The cities in the ancient battlefield became the territory of these Domainians.

Divine Treasure was considered ordinary in the ancient battlefield. Other than Chu Yunfan, who was an extremely terrifying existence, Divine Treasures could only be considered lucky in the ancient battlefield. If one was lucky enough, they could obtain the domain of a Domainian. There was even a chance that they could comprehend a thing or two and step into the Domain Stage.

If one was unlucky, they would not be able to step into the Domain Stage.

Ultimately, this was because the path of cultivation was too difficult.

Chu Yunfan was naturally able to step into the Domain Stage, and even the King Stage or Emperor Stage were not his limits. He did not feel the difficulty of ordinary people’s cultivation.

“l see!” Chu Yunfan said, “However, it be very difficult to find the domains of these Domainians now!”

The big black wolf nodded its head. “Sir, I’ve been wandering around the ancient battlefield for more than a hundred years. This is the first time I’ve seen a Domain left behind by a Domainian. That’s why I was so anxious to get into a conflict with you. 1 didn’t do it on purpose!”

The big black wolf spoke with fear in its voice, afraid that Chu Yunfan would think it was too domineering and kill it.

The wolf was extremely depressed. It thought that it was extremely lucky to have discovered the domain left behind by a Domainian. Who knew that it would encounter an even more terrifying fiend?

It even suspected that if it had been a little slower in begging for mercy just now, it would have been caught and exploded by this human expert.

Was this the so-called top prodigy?

The big black wolf did not dare to show it on its face, but it kept wailing in its heart. Its luck was really too bad, and these top-notch geniuses were too terrifying.

In the past, there were too few of such top-notch prodigies. The wolf had not seen many of them at all, let alone seen them fight. Therefore, it did not know that these top-notch prodigies could be so powerful among those of the same level.

However, it was precisely because of this that the wolf did not know that Chu Yunfan was a first-class tyrannical and invincible existence even among Supreme Youths.

Chu Yunfan nodded. The ancient battlefield had been open for so many years. No matter how many Domainians had left behind their domains, they were all gradually plundered by others.

Even if there were some left, they were in some remote places. It was naturally not that easy to find a complete domain.

No wonder this big black wolf had been wandering around for hundreds of years without finding a single one.

“Mm, you didn’t lie. Very good. Otherwise, you would have died in my hands!”

Chu Yunfan said.

“l wouldn’t dare.” The big black wolf quickly expressed his loyalty.

As long as Chu Yunfan didn’t kill him, everything would be fine.

“You can leave now. I’ll keep my word and let you live!” Chu Yunfan said. To him, this big black wolf was no threat. Killing or releasing it was just a thought of Chu Yunfan.

“Really?” The big black wolf’s eyes widened. Even he didn’t expect Chu Yunfan to let him go so easily.

“What? Do you want me to kill you?” Chu Yunfan grinned coldly.

“No, no! Thank you, my lord. I’ll take my leave!”

After saying that, the big black wolf seemed to have been pardoned. It stepped on a beam of light and disappeared into the sky at a speed that it had never seen before.

“l want to go into seclusion to comprehend this domain!” Chu Yunfan said, “Help me guard the place. Report to me immediately if there’s any movement! ”

“Yes, sir!” The golden roc flew off of Chu Yunfan’s shoulder and flew into the sky. It began to patrol the area and protect Chu Yunfan.

Chu Yunfan reached out and grabbed the domain that had already taken shape. Just as Chu Yunfan put the domain into the Mountain River Diagram, he realized that the domain was slowly dissipating.

Chu Yunfan quickly pulled the domain out of the Mountain River Diagram, and the domain stabilized again..

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