I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head - C.2270: Innate Lifeforms


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Those countless blood-colored figures were countless blood-colored fish.

These fish were completely blood-red in color and looked like sharp swords.

These blood-red swords swept over, tearing people apart!

Chu Yunfan discovered that wherever these blood fish passed, the sky was torn into pieces.

The space here wasn’t as stable as the space in the Central Plains. In the Central Plains, even Domainians could only cause the space to tremble. It was impossible for them to shatter the space.

But here, just a few blood fish could cut open space.

In other words, the world here was incomparably fragile, at least much more fragile than the Central Plains.

“l understand now why I’m looking for a way to construct a domain here!” Chu Yunfan!s eyes lit up.

Because this world was too fragile, many laws were not fixed. Therefore, relatively speaking, he could see the operation of many laws more clearly.

In essence, constructing a domain was constructing a small world. Wasn’t the most difficult part the construction of laws?

Thus, learning how to construct laws in this environment was a hundred times easier than in the Central Plains.

Although it was somewhat opportunistic, as long as the law could be constructed in the end, it would be good.

These young prodigies and Supreme Youths were more talented than the previous ones. Their understanding of all kinds of theories and knowledge far exceeded the imagination of ordinary people. They were even more powerful than ordinary Domainians.

What they lacked was real practice.

“Hmph, this is a great opportunity for me. It can save me a lot of time!” Chu Yunfan smiled faintly. What he lacked the most right now was time. He wanted to raise his cultivation to the Domain Stage as soon as possible. By then, he would truly have the ability to protect himself.

No matter what kind of chaotic times or prosperous times it was, he was able to protect himself and feared no existence.

Thinking of this, Chu Yunfan waved and caught these blood fish and exploded them. These blood fish looked sharp, but in fact, there was nothing difficult to deal with. As long as one was careful, they were not difficult to deal with.

However, when Chu Yunfan caught these blood fish and exploded them, he discovered that there was a faint manifestation of the blood law in the bodies of these blood fish.

“They’re law creatures?” Chu Yunfan clicked his tongue in wonder.

The so-called law creatures referred to creatures that were born by the laws of Heaven and Earth. They were a little like creatures from the primordial era before the antiquity era.

The antiquity era was the beginning of the cultivation era. Since the antiquity era, cultivation methods had become extremely popular, truly establishing the fundamental Great Dao of this world and era.

However, before the antiquity era, it was the immemorial era. In the immemorial era, the ones who dominated the world were not cultivators or warriors, but some extremely powerful creatures.

For example, the Ten Ferocities were the best of the best. Each creature could be said to have seized the fortune of heaven and earth. This was not an exaggerated metaphor, but an objective description.

These creatures had a certain degree of laws circulating in their bloodlines. They were born with many divine powers, and these divine powers had risen to the level of the Great Dao.

This was especially true for the Ten Ferocities. Each of them was a powerful creature born from the laws of the world. As long as they continuously refined the laws in their bodies, they could easily cultivate to a terrifying level that later generations could not imagine.

It had nothing to do with innate talent or physique because there were laws in their bodies. The laws influenced these ferocious beasts day and night, allowing these ferocious beasts to naturally possess powerful strength.

These creatures were known as Innate Lifeforms in ancient times.

On the other hand, the Acquired Lifeforms that began to appear in the antiquity era were the descendants of the immemorial Innate Lifeforms. It was just that their bloodlines had slowly deteriorated and no longer contained laws, or the number of laws was very small and not enough for them to increase their strength just by comprehending laws.

And the cultivation system created on this foundation perfectly made up for this deficiency. Even Acquired Lifeforms who did not have any innate laws could cultivate and gradually become powerful existences that could be compared to Innate Lifeforms.

The most prosperous era was naturally the antiquity era, which was the Ancient Zenith Age confirmed by archaeology of the Federation.

In that era, emperors were everywhere. Domainians were as numerous as ants. There had been more than one emperor who had suppressed the world. This was something that was impossible in any era.

But in ancient times, this was a very normal thing!

This was because the antiquity era was a special era. It was an era where Innate Lifeforms and Acquired Lifeforms intersected. There were both Innate Lifeforms and Acquired Lifeforms.

Not all living beings had completely transformed into Acquired Lifeforms. There were still some living beings that were still Innate Lifeforms then.

Innate Lifeforms had laws within their bodies, and they could gain insights into the laws to cultivate. In addition, they had cultivated in the cultivation system of the antiquity era, so they had both.

Therefore, the living beings of the antiquity era were incomparably powerful, and there were many experts. They were not inferior to the innate powerful living beings of the immemorial era, and they were even stronger.

In fact, in the current world, those king and emperor physique possessors were simply atavism in Chu Yunfan’s eyes.

The power of laws in their bloodlines that had gradually disappeared suddenly mutated in a certain generation, producing a phenomenon of atavism. The power of laws re-materialized in their bodies.

There were high and low law energies, strong and weak, which was why there was a difference between king and emperor physiques.

In a sense, many divine physique possessors in the world were indeed no longer Acquired Lifeforms. They belonged to the ranks of Innate Lifeforms, but their bloodlines were not as rich.

However, Chu Yunfan was different. His emperor physique was acquired through cultivation. He could be considered an Innate Lifeform now, not an Acquired Lifeform.

This was limited to these prodigies and Supreme Youths. In the countless years of history of the Central Plains, there were only a few people whose genes had mutated to give birth to the bodies of Kings and Emperors.

But these blood fish were similar lifeforms. How could Chu Yunfan not be shocked?

However, the laws in these blood fish were only a trace. They were far inferior to even prodigies who had condensed just one law.

However, although the degree of strength was completely different, in essence, these blood fish were the same as top-notch geniuses and Supreme Youths like them..

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