I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head - C.2268: Battle Strength Soars in One Month

I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head

C.2268: Battle Strength Soars in One Month

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Chu Yunfan’s actions caused quite a stir. Many people even thought that Chu Yunfan must have gone crazy, possessed, to read so many classics and handwritten notes.

Moreover, he was just casually looking flipping through them. Although these classics used words as a carrier, they were essentially projections of divine will.

With their talent and strength, it would take them more than a day to digest one book. In fact, they could not read many books in 30 days.

Chu Yunfan looked like he had seen a lot, but in their eyes, he was simply courting death.

The Great Dao was too vast. With their current cultivation and strength, it was impossible for them to explore everything. They did not have that much time either.

Didn’t they cultivate so hard to fight for time and live forever?

The only way to reach the peak was to walk down a path to death and to the end. On the contrary, people like Chu Yunfan would bite off more than they could chew.

However, after watching for a while, they lost interest. Chu Yunfan’s actions were exactly what they wanted.

They immediately seized the time and started reading.

Chu Yunfan didn’t care about everyone’s gazes. He just kept flipping through all kinds of books like before.

After a while, he would put down a book after having read through it. There were all kinds of methods and theories, and there were even many contradictory methods that broadened Chu Yunfan’s horizons.

He was shocked by the methods of the seniors who vwff0te these books. Many of their ideas were considered geniuses, and Chu Yunfan felt that his horizons had been broadened.

Many of their understandings of the Great Dao were different.

After all, even with the Alchemy Emperor’s memories, Chu Yunfan’s understanding of the Great Dao was more limited to a certain aspect. Even the Emperors weren’t omniscient.

Under such circumstances, Chu Yunfan gained a lot of knowledge that he could not obtain before. He simply could not stop. In the blink of an eye, a month had passed.


A leisurely voice rang out, and everyone’s profound mind was shaken as they recovered from their reading.

Everyone’s faces revealed somewhat reluctant expressions. In this short month’s time, they did not read many books. Even the top prodigies had only read about 30 classics. The Supreme Youth had read 50 to 60 classics that were similar to the Great Dao they cultivated.

However, even if it was only to this extent, it was still an unimaginable

harvest for them.

It could be said that just the harvest of this month was enough to save them decades of groping.

They were all standing on the shoulders of giants!

Chu Yunfan put down the book in his hand.

He couldn’t help but feel a little emotional. In this short month, he had read more than half of the books in this library.

It could be said that his gains were huge. The combined gains of those

Supreme Youths and top-notch geniuses were not as great as his alone.

Chu Yunfan had gained a lot from the insights and methods of constructing his domain from the countless predecessors.

This saved him a lot of time. At the same time, after the integration of the godhead, Chu Yunfan’s understanding of the Great Dao had reached a higher level.

It was the same for his understanding of laws!

This caused his combat strength to undergo an earth- shattering transformation. Even though he had yet to attain the Domain Stage, his combat strength had increased by 50% from his original foundation.

This was not an increase in his cultivation or power. It was because his comprehension of the Great Dao had deepened that his combat strength had continuously soared.

He was enlightened about many things that he didn’t understand before. Many divine arts that he couldn’t unleash their full power before, he could now unleash their full power, or even stronger and better.

Although it was only a 50% increase in strength, if he were to face his original self, under the situation where his strength was about the same, he could easily defeat his original self.

Not to mention those other Supreme Youths and top-notch geniuses.

Although they had gained something, they were still far from Chu Yunfan.

They were on completely different levels.

The others probably didn’t expect that after a month, the gap between them and Chu Yunfan’s strength didn’t shrink. Instead, it widened.

If Chu Yunfan were to face Domainians, he was confident that he could protect himself. He was not afraid of the backlash from these people.

Ding, ding, ding!

The bell rang melodiously. Regardless of whether they were willing or unwilling, everyone stepped on the light and left the imperial family library.

Soon, when they came out, they were led by different attendants to the direction of the teleportation portal.

The ancient battlefield was located deep within the starry skies, not even in the Central Plains. Only teleportation portals could reach it.

For a moment, everyone gathered in the hall where the teleportation portal was located.

Many geniuses and Supreme Youths who had good relationships began to discuss their gains.

“The imperial family is the imperial family after all. Even the Flying Celestials is far from being able to match up to them!” Huangfu Longhao said emotionally, “I’ve gained a lot. My strength has increased by at least 50%. If I were to enter the ring again and was surrounded by seven people, I would be able to remain undefeated!”

Huangfu Longhao’s words were filled with confidence. This month had been very important to him.

Many of his doubts and incomprehensions about the Great Dao were answered in these scriptures.

Moreover, there were all kinds of answers. He even had the blissful trouble of not knowing how to choose because there were too many answers.

Although a month’s time was not enough for his cultivation to increase, it was just an eye-opener. After gaining more knowledge, his combat strength would undergo a world- shaking change.

If he were to go to the same ring and face his original opponents, even if he could not defeat them, he could still contend against them.

After all, a 50% increase in combat power wasn’t as simple as increasing half a person’s combat power.

The difference between them was simply a geometric multiple.

“Me too. I’ve gained so much. Now that I’ve completely absorbed the energy that senior gave me, 1 can definitely break through to the Domain Stage!” Chu

Hongcai said impatiently.

This time, he had also gained a lot.

Everyone else was also talking at the same time. Basically, all of these top-notch geniuses of the Flying Celestials had obtained huge benefits without exception, and their combat strength had undergone earth- shattering changes.

The feathers on the body of the golden roc were even more dazzling now. It looked as if it was made of gold..

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