I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head - C.2256: Empowerment



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After Chu Yunfan and the other two left, they quickly went their separate ways. Huangfu Longhao left to prepare for tomorrow’s trip to the Imperial Capital, and Chu Hongcai was taken away by a grand elder. Only Chu Yunfan and the bird returned to Startling Cloud Peak.

At this moment, Startling Cloud Peak had become the focus of the entire Flying Celestials.

Today’s battle had broken too many things, especially the situation where everyone thought that the two heroes would stand side by side.

Huangfu Longhao and Chu Yunfan stood side by side. In fact, everyone thought that Huangfu Longhao would be stronger than Chu Yunfan, who had only cultivated for a short time.

However, who knew that an expert would know if he had it the moment he made his move? Chu Yunfan had completely surpassed Huangfu Longhao.

All kinds of legends about Chu Yunfan were spread out. Many busybodies had crowned Chu Yunfan as the strongest prodigy disciple in history. Many people wanted to see Chu Yunfan again, but ever since he entered Startling Cloud Peak, Chu Yunfan had declined all visitors.

Only now did many people remember that although the Flying Celestials was safe, the world was still in turmoil. Starting from the top ten forces, all the way down to the first-rate sects and second-rate sects were the targets of these ancient inheritances.

As for the lower level sects, they were not within their scope of targets. This was because the resources and area occupied by the lower level sects were the second-class of the second-class. Naturally, they would not be taken seriously by these once-glorious inheritances.

At this time, all kinds of news kept coming from all over the world. The winners and losers were gradually determined. In addition to the Flying Celestials, the Destiny Sect, the Virtuous Academy, and Great Change Faith, the Holy Puppets, the Divine Talisman Sect, and Medicinal Kings Valley were eliminated one after another.

While everyone sighed, they did not find it strange. After all, there was a special reason why these three sects could be ranked among the top ten sects, and they were not good at fighting.

There was only one Supreme Youth in eacg sect, and under the siege of the

ancient inheritance, it was impossible to defend.

In fact, the Flying Celestials, which many people had thought would be eliminated, had unexpectedly emerged victorious.

This was completely beyond the expectations of all the so-called people of insight.

After the Holy Puppets, the Divine Talisman Sect, and Medicinal Kings Valley were eliminated, the Divine Maidens, which was one of the top ten forces and was even stronger than the Flying Celestials, was also eliminated.

In this battle, the Divine Maidens had two Supreme Youths. They were both famous figures in history who had suppressed an era.

Later on, they chose to seal themselves to this era. However, the Divine

Maidens still failed in the end because the ones who surrounded the two Supreme Youths were five ancient Supreme Youths.

Even though many top-notch prodigies from the Divine Maidens had joined the battlefield at the same time, numbers were meaningless in front of the Supreme Youths.

Under the joint attack of the ancient Supreme Youths, the Divine Maidens quickly lost the battle.

After the Divine Maidens, the Black Sun Sect and the Cosmic Sword Sect, which were the last two sects, defeated their opponents and won.

In the end, four of the ten great sects lost in the battle and had no choice but to give up their base and various resources.

For a time, the entire world was in an uproar. If it wasn’t for the Flying Celestials’ sudden emergence, the various major powers in the world would have lost more than half of their forces in one go.

Half of the first and second-rate forces below the ten great sects were also defeated and forced to leave their bases.

These ancient inheritances obviously did not choose to attack separately. Instead, they gathered their strength and targeted the weakest among the various factions, forcefully snatching a large piece of fat meat from the current factions.

For a time, the conflict between the current forces and the ancient legacies became the hottest topic.

The world was facing all kinds of clean-up. Everyone understood that for a long time in the future, most of the forces in the world would be involved.

Some forces that seemed to have nothing to do with this matter could actually be traced back to the ten great sects. They were all subsidiary forces of the ten great sects, or subsidiary forces of subsidiary forces.

They were all inextricably linked.

The next day, when Chu Yunfan and Chu Hongcai met up, Chu Yunfan was surprised to find that Chu Hongcai’s cultivation had improved again in just

one night.

Moreover, this improvement was not ordinary. It actually directly reached the perfected Supreme Youth realm of 500 laws from the original 200-odd laws.

“What’s wrong with your cultivation?” Chu Yunfan asked curiously.

Chu Hongcai then explained to Chu Yunfan that the reason for this was because he had been taken away by a grand elder yesterday.

Just last night, he had received the enlightenment of all martial arts realms from a supreme elder before he died.

In just one night, it was as if Chu Hongcai had comprehended the Dao. His cultivation advanced by leaps and bounds, and it could almost be considered to have ascended during the day.

Chu Yunfan finally understood what was going on. If a supreme elder were to imbue his power into Chu Hongcai before his death, he would not be helping him, but harming him.

This was because the power that everyone cultivated was completely different. Forcefully instilling it into a person’s body would cause the receiver to die from the bloating.

Moreover, there would be a lot of power in one’s body that did not belong to them. It looked very powerful, but in fact, there were many dangers hidden in it.

Although the power one gained overnight was powerful, it cut off the possibility of further improvement in the future. They would not even achieve one-third of the combat strength that their cultivation should have.

This was because a powerful expert was not only powerful because of their amazing strength, but also because of their comprehension of the Great Dao and understanding of the laws. Only these were the methods to control this supreme strength.

However, it was a different story if he infused his experience and memories into the receiver.

Just like how Chu Yunfan obtained the Alchemy Emperor’s memories, this was undoubtedly a rare opportunity for Chu Hongcai. It was just that it was not as good as the Alchemy Emperor’s memories that Chu Yunfan had obtained. After all, there were not many people in the world who could stand shoulder to shoulder with the Alchemy Emperor.

“With that supereme elder’s memories and experience, I was able to condense 500 Sword Dao laws overnight!” Chu Hongcai said with a smile, but his expression was respectful.

He knew very well that this was the last time the supreme elder would shine. If he received these experiences and memories, the supreme elder would die a tragic death.

There was no other possibility!

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