I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head - C.2240 - : Chaotic Battle, Chu Yunfan Finally Appears

I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head

C.2240 - : Chaotic Battle, Chu Yunfan Finally Appears

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Initially, no one was optimistic about Chu Yunfan’s combat strength. They only felt that although he was powerful, he should not be able to compete with those ancient geniuses who had cultivated far more than him.

Now, with the appearance of the golden roc, everyone’s thoughts changed.

One had to know that a descendant of the Ten Ferocities like the golden roc must be extremely arrogant. To be able to make such a vicious bird submit to him, Chu Yunfan’s strength could not be inferior to the golden roc.

Some people vaguely knew that these ancient geniuses were cultivating in the Flying Celestial Mystic Realm, so they guessed that Chu Yunfan was probably still in seclusion.

They were looking forward to Chu Yunfan breaking out of seclusion and saving the world.


The huge ring was divided into several battlefields. Sword Saint and Chu Hongcai!s sword wills were constantly competing.

Although Sword Saint’s cultivation had surpassed Chu Hongcai’s, the Indestructible Sword Physique that Chu Hongcai had cultivated was closer to the sword path than Sword Saint’s physique.

Although his cultivation was far superior to Chu Hongcai’s, Sword Saint was unable to suppress Chu Hongcai.

Even if he managed to suppress Chu Hongcai, he would have to start all over again if Chu Hongcai dodged a little.

He gradually lost his patience and shouted, “Do you only know how to dodge?

Fight me if you have the ability!’

“Hahaha!” Chu Hongcai laughed. “You think you’re worthy of fighting me? If I had the same amount of cultivation time, 1 would kill you as easily as killing ants!”

Chu Hongcai didn’t choose to fight Sword Saint head-on. He knew the difference too well. The laws condensed by Sword Saint were almost twice as many as the ones condensed by him. The difference between them was like the difference between Heaven and Earth.

Although they were both Supreme Youths, if the difference in their cultivation was too great, there was no way for them to fight.

If it weren’t for Chu Yunfan’s Prismatic Traveller technique, Chu Hongcai would have been defeated long ago.

He was no match for Sword Saint, but he was unwilling to retreat either. Not only did he want to buy time for Huangfu Longhao and reduce the pressure on the latter, but more importantly, meeting a sword expert like Sword Saint made his blood boil.

He had never felt this way before!

Ever since his Indestructible Sword Physique had been completed, no one could compete with him in the sword path. For example, Chu Yunfan, although his cultivation was far stronger than his, Chu Hongcai was still above Chu Yunfan in the sword path.

The opponents he had encountered were all experts from various schools. There were very few swordsmen like Sword Saints who only used their swords to defeat their opponents.

Two completely different sword principles were clashing in the air. For him, this was a great opportunity to verify his own sword principles.

Usually, there was no such person who could make him attack at will!

On the other side, the battle between the iron-armored Supreme Youth and the golden roc had also entered a white-hot stage. The speed of the golden roc was too fast, and its entire body turned into rays of golden light that flickered on the stage. Even the iron-armored Supreme Youth had a hard time keeping up with the speed of the golden roc, let alone contending with it.

As the saying went, speed was the only thing that could not be broken in the world of martial arts. The golden roc’s speed was already extremely fast. In

addition, Chu Yunfan had taught him the Prismatic Traveller too. It could be said that in terms of speed, it was simply at the peak.

In the ring, there was no existence that could match him.

However, the iron-armored Supreme Youth was not someone easy to deal with. To be able to cultivate to this extent, this Supreme Youth’s strength was absolutely unquestionable. It was unimaginably tyrannical.

Even though he was unable to catch up to the golden roc in terms of speed, he did not give up. Around him, countless blood-colored battlefields formed, and countless armies covered the sky and covered the earth as they charged in all directions.

No matter where the golden roc appeared, it would face the slaughter of countless armies. This was not a battle that he was fighting alone. He could command thousands of troops to fight.

Moreover, he had already integrated the Killing Dao on the battlefield into his own martial arts and could activate it at any time. It could be said that his cultivation had reached a shocking level.

Even so, he was still very depressed. He had never been this down. No matter how he attacked, it was difficult for him to keep up with the speed of the golden roc.

“The mighty Flying Celestials actually relies on a feathered beast to maintain their dignity. Don’t you think it’s ridiculous?”

The iron-armored Supreme Youth tried to provoke the golden roc. However, the golden roc obviously didn’t care. In his heart, completing the task his master had given him was his top priority.

“Who do you think you are to criticize me?” Even so, the golden roc was still somewhat angry and could not help but increase the intensity of his encirclement.

On the other side, the remaining five people began to launch the final encirclement and suppression against Huangfu Longhao.

Although each of them had their ulterior motives, everyone understood that only by killing Huangfu Longhao and the other three Supreme Youths would their sects have a future.

Otherwise, even if they managed to snatch away the foundation of the Flying Celestials, there would still be a chance for them to turn the tables when the few Supreme Youths of the Flying Celestials grew up.

Supreme Youths were existences that could at least be conferred the title of king, or even emperor.

Even if only one of them grew up, it would be enough to pose a fatal threat to them, making them unable to sleep or eat in peace.

Thinking of this, these Supreme Youths emitted a fierce light. They couldn’t let these few Supreme Youths of the Flying Celestials grow.

They had to get rid of the root of the problem. They absolutely could not give them the slightest chance to counterattack.

Although Huangfu Longhao had taken a short break with the help of the golden roc and Chu Hongcai, he was not at his peak.

Right now, he was only barely holding his breath in battle, and the entire battle had fallen into a state of retreat.

“Hahaha, Huangfu Longhao, you’ve finally met your end. Your Flying Celestials has killed the successors of my Elements. Today, we’ll use your blood as a sacrifice!”

Elements Kid sensed Huangfu Longhao’s weakened state and immediately increased the strength of his attacks. All kinds of elemental power turned into terrifying torrents and attacked Huangfu Longhao fiercely.


Finally, Huangfu Longhao coughed up a mouthful of blood under the fierce attacks. His entire body flew out like a kite with a broken string.

Just as Elements Kid and the others were about to kill him, a terrifying sword light flew over from the sky. In an instant, half of Elements Kid’s body was shattered..

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