Her Kindergarten is Full of Villainous Students - C.108


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People who have been to the Starry Sky Flash Store think the food there is incredibly delicious.

After eating there, everyone is haunted by the memory.

The peculiar thing is, no matter where else they go to eat, they feel it's not as good as the Starry Sky.

That is, until Liu Chef revealed the names of the master chefs who had been helping at the Starry Sky Kindergarten.

In an instant, all the old foodies were stunned.

"What's this about Master Chen going there to work at the buffet? Why didn't anyone tell me?"

"Not just Master Chen, even Masters Li and Zhang are reclusive old legends. To get them to make a dish for you, you'd have to book from the start to the end of the year."

"They went to the Starry Sky Kindergarten to help out in the kitchen?"

"You don't know how many people Liu Chef has helped before. Whoever he calls will come to support him."

"Oh my, if I had known, I would have gone too. When did this happen?"

"These people are so unreliable, secretly getting together to make delicious food."

"What is this kindergarten?" Some of the older folks who don't go online much still didn't understand what was going on, so the others quickly explained.

For just 400 yuan, they could eat food made by these masters.

And they could eat as much as they wanted, leaving all the foodies amazed.

Each one regretted why Liu Chef didn't say so sooner. If he had, they would have definitely gone too.

The younger ones reminisced, "No wonder, I have a new bragging point now."

"I ate food made by chefs who cook for state banquets."

"Now I really wish I could rub it in my colleague's face. My colleague got two tickets and said he'd bring me. I just gave him 400 yuan, had a great time, and the food was good. Now seeing the list of chefs, I'm totally stunned."

"What, your colleague even brought you? He only got one ticket before, and my brother wanted to go but I didn't let him. Now that these chefs' backgrounds are exposed, I feel like my brother's silent treatment towards me will be extended."

"I need to go again. Last time I was like Zhu Bajie eating the reincarnation pills, just gulping everything down. If I had known, I would have savored each bite carefully."

"Thankfully I had 4 bowls of rice and a bunch of dishes there, really getting my money's worth from the ticket price."

"Why didn't anyone post reviews after eating there?"

"What good would a review do? It's not like getting a good review means you can eat there."

Shen Qingqing wanted to draw everyone's attention to her place.

But Liu Chef only had to reveal this one move, and everyone's eyes shifted back there again.

Instantly, the arcade was overshadowed.

For master chefs like them, money can't sway them. What they need is connections.

Ever since Shen Qingqing hired Liu Ming as the head chef, she has blocked all the paths in the culinary world.

Now people are clamoring even more loudly, hoping the Starry Sky Kindergarten will keep its flash store open, as they don't want to go anywhere else.

Shen Qingqing was almost furious enough to die.

She had invested no small amount of money recently, all to fiercely compete for attention.

Knowing full well her disciple's grudge against Liu Chef, she still did this just for publicity.

But she didn't expect her ploy to be seen through.

With this move, Liu Chef instantly put them on the defensive.

So Shen Qingqing had her operations team increase the budget and get the promotion in place. On opening day, quite a few people came.

A 300 yuan day pass that included one meal was reasonable.

Especially for those who couldn't get tickets to the Starry Sky Kindergarten, going here to satisfy their urges was acceptable.

Some were cautious and waited for reviews first.

After the day ended, the positive reviews poured in, with comments including at least 5 pictures.

The decor, facilities, activities - everything was thoroughly described, each comment over a thousand words like mini essays.

You rarely see good reviews this detailed anywhere.

But people kept going online feeling something was off, very strange.

They couldn't help but ask those who had been to the Starry Sky Kindergarten - did they praise it this much back then?

Netizens joked: "When did we have time to praise it? We were too busy eating, drinking, and having fun there. Taking out our phones to take photos would have killed the vibe."

"Could this be Shen Qingqing's internet brigade?"

Soon this comment was reported and hidden from view.

Thanks to the good reviews, even more people came the next day.

The third day also saw no lack of people.

But with more people came reviews that were less than flattering.

Many knew about the Starry Sky Kindergarten's flash store.

They livestream everything they do and eat there for all to see.

At this place, though the decor was beautiful, there was an overwhelmingly strong smell of new renovations. If you stayed over 4 hours, you'd start to feel dizzy.

To compete with Shen Wei for business, Shen Qingqing had just renovated this place and hired a professional team to apply some deodorizing coating.

Then she opened right away, not wanting to wait even a day. freew𝚎bn𝐨𝘃𝐞𝗹.𝗰𝚘𝗺

She was determined to start harvesting fans as soon as Shen Wei's business closed.

Not only did people complain about the smell of renovations, but many more criticized the disorganized processes.

Many activities were so boring, people just left halfway through.

It was chaotic like a marketplace.

Even the large-scale role-playing murder mystery event had a very average game master.

It was hard to get immersed, with them just reading from a script.

Some couples who came together even got into fights because of in-game couples pairing up with different people.

But what left everyone speechless was the buffet.

This place advertised that Liu Ming was Liu Chef's disciple, so expectations were high.

But the taste was just average restaurant quality.

People had come with empty stomachs, hoping to really indulge, but after a few bites they were put off by the greasiness.

They really couldn't stomach much.

With such a chaotic start and chaotic end, people not only didn't get any happiness for their 300 yuan, but were left fuming!

As soon as they got home, they posted lengthy negative reviews of several thousand words. But as soon as they posted them and went back to check for typos, they found their posts had been reported.

Seeing a screen full of positive reviews, what wasn't clear now?

These days people are all about being contrarian rebels.

The more you try to stop them from posting, the more determined they become.

So they posted negative reviews on other platforms instead.

When the incident happened, subordinates hurriedly told Shen Qingqing, "Quick, hire a PR firm to counter the negativity!"

But Shen Qingqing, remembering Shen Wei's reaction back then, immediately started a livestream instead.

Her subordinates thought this was Shen Qingqing wanting to clarify some things and apologize.

However, she didn't expect that in response to those negative reviews, she would warn the reviewers that they were professional critics, and has already sent them legal notices.

The other staff at the video game arcade turned green with envy. Wow, were the netizens scared off?

Isn't this just fanning the flames?

Sure enough, a torrent of outrage from netizens came pouring down.

The staff at the video game arcade were dumbfounded.