Genetic Ascension - C.71 11


[75 GTs bonus]

The Titles category didn't allow you to buy Titles, but rather allowed you to buy introductions to Titles. Essentially, it would be a guide to teach you how to unlock certain Titles.


[Common Arts Enthusiast (F-)]

[You are a jack of all, master of none. However, your efforts have given your style of combat a unique flare and an air of unpredictability that strikes fear in your enemies]

[+1 Dexterity]

[+10% success in absorbing related Genes]


[Cost: 300 (F) coins]


After looking around for a while, this was what called out to Sylas the most. But would it really help him? So what if he unlocked this Title? It could only impact his immediate stats, not his overall situation. Plus, he had already reached his stat cap. He doubted a Title would change that.

On the other hand
 this Title seemed to perfectly describe what he was looking for. In addition, it was more expensive than the others by three times. Assuming the system was a fair arbitrator, this probably meant something.

Sylas narrowed his eyes and continued looking. Soon, he found something for his telekinesis in yet another unexpected place. This time, it was actually the Elixir section.


[Slight of Palms (F-)]

[Drink this Elixir and gain the enlightenment of truly independent hands. Whether for the purposes of increasing your skill in concocting, or in dual-wielding weapons, rise to an all-new level]

[+1 Wisdom]


[Cost: 300 (F) coins]


Sylas obviously wasn't concocting anything, nor did he need to dual-wield weapons when he couldn't wield one weapon at all, let alone two. However, the description intrigued him.

That was exactly what using his telekinesis felt like. It was like he was trying to learn the piano again, trying to play quarter notes with one hand and eighth notes with the other, or like he was trying to draw a circle with one hand and a square with the other at the same time.

What he was especially curious about was the +1 Wisdom that came with the Elixir. Could that be just an unrelated side effect? Or was it that the higher his Wisdom was, the easier it would be to split his attention and do multiple things with his body and telekinesis at the same time?

Sylas mulled it over, checking over the whole store diligently. But he really didn't find anything else that was worth the gamble. There were other things that were marginally or somewhat related, but nothing that truly called to him.

The two were over budget by 100 coins, but he did have 220 coins left over, so he could cover it. In the end, he felt that these two were the smartest decision he could make, so he traded for them and pulled away from the Nexus.


[Common Arts Enthusiast (F-)]

[Unlock Requirements]

[>Perform 1000 Kicks]

[>Perform 1000 Punches]

[>Complete 10 Fluid Attack Transitions]



[223/1000 Kicks]

[578/1000 Punches]

[2/10 Fluid Attack Transitions]


Sylas was a bit surprised, so much so that he didn't immediately interact with Cassarae and Olivia. He had already completed that many?

Setting aside what a Fluid Attack Transition was, he didn't expect that he would have already used his body to such a degree already. Though maybe it made sense.

Those sounded like high numbers, but because he was stuck with using his body as a weapon, his strikes were far less potent than someone using a sharp blade. His battles, as a result, required many more strikes for him to complete, though he usually had better stats than the enemies he was facing off against.

Even to defeat a beast with 30 Physical, he'd probably need a few dozen strikes, so maybe this wasn't too surprising.

'But what is a Fluid Attack Transition?'

He was going to ask the Madness Key when he remembered where he was and looked up.

"Right, I spent an extra hundred over budget. Here," Sylas extended a hand toward Cassarae.

She hesitated somewhat, because she was really thinking of saying it wasn't a big deal. But in the end, she chose to just keep things as professional as possible as that they could get past these speed bumps.

The two shook hands and Sylas' 220 coins fell to 120.

Not long after, Sylas left, saying his goodbyes. He was completely focused on trying to take advantage of what he had just gained.

Olivia raised an eyebrow as he left, but Cassarae waved a hand.

"Don't mind it. He's like that when he finds something that interests him."

"Ai, I'm going to have to get used to you making excuses for him now, huh?"

Cassarae rolled her eyes. "Focus on the preparations. We still have a lot to do."

Sylas returned to the large tent, ignoring everything around him and sliding into the bottom bunk of his bed with a focused expression.

He took out the one dagger he had remaining. Although he thought of trading for more, he didn't want to waste his coins until he understood exactly what room he had for improvement first.

The Title was a bit more difficult to get a handle on immediately, so he took out the potion instead. Then he downed it.

He paid attention to what was happening within him very closely, also trying to see if there were any changes to the dagger he was controlling in front of him.

The Elixir tasted almost like a slightly bitter wine. It had a hint of kick to it, and that came with a slight burning sensation down his throat as well.

Then came a rush.

Sylas didn't drink coffee, but from how people described it, he felt that it might very well be similar. It was like his mind was suddenly more alert, but in a subtle sense. It was more like his brain fog had cleared up just a little bit and he had more motivation to do things he otherwise wouldn't want to.

The feeling persisted and Sylas checked his Wisdom to find that it had indeed increased from 10 to 11.