Genetic Ascension - C.41 019


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It was just two words, and it felt like quite a waste of a Fragmented Gene. Sylas had already fallen from nine Fragmented Strength Genes to just six, but the more he stared at the answer, the more he felt that it was appropriate.

There really was nothing else to it. Even if he gathered up all the knowledge in the world, it wouldn't change this answer.


[Why is my A Flexible Will Title ranked above my Madness Conqueror Title?]

[Titles are separated into two forms, Fixed Titles and Growth Titles.

[Fixed Titles only function within one's Grade. Upon promoting from F-Grade to E-Grade, all Fixed Titles will be rendered useless.

[Growth Titles are not restricted by this limitation and there will be a Quest associated with an upgrade. This will be a onetime Quest in most cases, though there are some Titles that will provide an opportunity to secure a weaker Title upon a first failure. There are likewise some rare Quests that might prove an opportunity to upgrade a Title in the future.

[A Flexible Will is a Growth Title and Madness Conqueror is also a Growth Title. However, the evolution branches and potential of A Flexible Will are much higher. It has the potential to be a Legendary Title though it is currently only Common, while Madness Conqueror can only be Gold, though it is currently Silver]


Sylas' brows raised, finally understanding. He should have asked about the Madness Disciples honestly, but this had been really bothering him for a long while.

Even so, he still spent another Fragmented Gene, causing his Strength to fall from 50 to 49.


[Who are the Madness Disciples?]

[The Madness Covenant is a —]


The notification glitched.


[Question has touched upon a Taboo. Glutton Curse activated. Hunger has increased.]


Sylas' eyes narrowed. The timer of <7 days> fell to just <3 days>. He had lost four days because he dared to ask the wrong question? How many other pitfalls like this were there?


[The Madness Covenant is a mysterious organization, one shrouded by mystery. Madness Disciples are a contingent of geniuses who have grasped the Madness, but this is only the beginning. For the right to claim a seat at the Altar, they battle across the vastness of the universe,?hoping to one day join this order of madmen]


'The Madness Covenant… Altar…'

Was that information worth the price? Sylas wasn't sure. This was why he had been hesitant to use one of his opportunities on this question because he expected that something like this might happen just given the path things had taken normally.

But there was no use in crying over spilt milk.

'It's time to leave.'

Sylas double-checked everything. Then, completely naked again aside from the Scorned Wraps and the Madness Key around his neck, he moved his thoughts toward exiting.

From dryness, Sylas was immediately assaulted by a sharp chill.

His senses were on high alert, and Madness was already activated. He was taking no chances. He was already at a huge disadvantage beneath the water.

As expected, the region around the dungeon were completely consumed by large concentrations of Aether and large aquatic beasts.


[Orinoco Crocodile (F)]

[Level: 0]

[Physical: 37]

[Mental: 1]

[Will: 6]


[Amazon Piranha (F)]

[Level: 0]

[Physical: 24]

[Mental: 0]

[Will: 2]


Sylas immediately found himself surrounded, but just as quickly, the scene went wild. He felt almost immediately that it might have been a mistake to activate his Madness like this. With the sheer number of creatures around him, even if their Wills were too low to target him in specific, it was only a matter of probability and time that one eventually would.

Plus, he felt that, with his Madness influencing so many at once, it had diluted considerably.

He sensed a notification, but he directly ignored it for the time being, gathering up his Will and Charisma to propel himself out of the water.

His telekinesis wasn't strong enough to lift something as heavy as his body, but it could certainly help him to swim faster. 𝑓𝑟𝑒𝑒𝔀𝓮𝘣𝘯𝘰𝘷𝑒𝓵.𝒸𝑜𝘮

In his slight panic, Sylas had forgotten something…

His current stats simply couldn't be compared to what they had been in the past. Even if the water was a debuff, he could still out-maneuver these creatures. Sylas still felt that Dexterity weighed a little heavier in the water, but with his telekinesis…

It simply didn't matter.

He shot out of the water so fast that he appeared almost a meter above the surface before he started falling back down. But by this point, he had already reached near the shore.

His eyes landed on the sheer number of beasts in the surroundings and he made a break for it.

Sylas took a breath and exhaled, pressing his wet back against a tree.

Seeing the scene around the dungeon, he knew he made the right decision to enter it when he did.

Now that the dungeon had been cleared, though, the Aether would slowly disperse and this region should go back to normal with time.

'I received a notification earlier,' Sylas thought, suddenly remembering.

He used his intention to check on it.


[Quest Received]

[Plight of Casstle Main (Bronze)]


'Two s's?' Sylas raised an eyebrow, but didn't put too much stock in it. There could be any number of reasons why it was like this.


[Rudimentary Village <Casstle Main> is recruiting temporary adventurers from the surroundings to wage war. As the first established city of the Seventh Summoned Ascension, its status is special and the opportunities are plentiful]


[Fragmented Reward Requirements]

[>Do not allow Casstle Main to fall]


[Common Reward Requirements]

[>Repel Rudimentary Gnoll Village 019]

[>Kill five Gnolls]


[Bronze Reward Requirements]

[>Conquer Rudimentary Gnoll Village 019 City Stele]