Extra's Descent - C.9: Stocks [2]

Extra's Descent

C.9: Stocks [2]

[Are you sure you want to convert all your coins?]


[Processing, your coins will be placed in your inventory.]



Instantly, Brandon checked his inventory, it all seemed too good to be true at the moment.

And to his surprise, the coins were really there.

'The last thing I need to do is to use up my stat points, but where?'



[Stat Points Available: 3]

∟ STR: F [●○○○○]

∟ MP: F [●○○○○]

∟ DEF: F [●○○○○]

∟ AGI: F [●○○○○]

∟ INT: F [●○○○○]

∟ CHARM: F [●○○○○]


Brandon pondered for awhile, he realized during the Physical Training session that he definitely lacked in the speed department.

But since his current build was focused on magic, increasing his intelligence stat was the obvious choice.

Thus, Brandon decided to distribute accordingly:


∟ AGI: F [●●○○○]

∟ INT: F [●●●○○]


With that, he closed the system.

Brandon had already decided which company he was going to invest in.

Deus Conglomerate

But since he was still in the early stages of the novel, it meant that Deus Conglomerate was still Deus Company.

The company would soon boom into a Corporation by the time the main protagonist, Raven, became a second year student.

And in the further future, they would conquer the market and become a Conglomerate.

Currently, it was the perfect time to invest in the company, as the stocks were still affordable.

But for now, Brandon didn't have a bank account under his name yet.

Brandon's gaze then lingered outside the window.

Since the sun had yet to set, there was still time to open up a bank account, and make a deposit.

Having decided, Brandon abruptly stood up, and motioned towards the door.

From behind him, Belle was alerted,

"Where are you going?"

"Just going for a walk, don't wait up for me"



Brandon closed the door before Belle could continue.

Making his way outside, he gestured for a taxi, getting inside, and sitting on the backseat.

He'd done his research as well on the top banks of the world, he already knew his destination.

"Northern Bank, please."

The taxi driver then stepped on the gas.



[You have leveled up!]

[You have received 5 bonus stat points.]

Raven Blackheart had entered the system's dungeon floors to grind for levels.

With a dagger in his hand, he swiftly took out a horde of goblins his way.


After recently receiving a system, he did not hesitate to take advantage of it.

Whenever he had free time, he would quickly dive into the dungeon floors.

Currently, he only had access to the 1st floor.

Once he clears the dungeon floor, he will then gain access to the 2nd floor.

The system's dungeons had a total of 100 floors, with each floor progressively increasing in difficulty.


Quickly maneuvering about, he continued to slaughter each goblin within his sight.

Despite the beliefs of him being a duelist, he actually had access to mana.

It was just that–he had no skills capable of using it.

After clearing, the horde of goblins, he muttered to himself,



[Name: Raven Blackheart]

[Level: 3]

[EXP: 150/3000]

[Class: Assassin]

∟As the one who left it all behind, you have become one with chaos.


∟ Assassin's Rush

∟ Every step you take, your speed stats increase by 1 point, maximum 10.


∟ [Eye of Judgment]

∟ See the move, an individual is about to take in the next second.


[Stat Points Available: 5]

∟ STR: F+ [●●●○○]

∟ MP: F [●○○○○]

∟ DEF: F [●○○○○]

∟ AGI: F+ [●●●●○]

∟ INT: F [●○○○○]

∟ CHARM: F [●○○○○]

[System Shop]

[System Dungeon]

[System Coins: 200]

[Quests Available: 0]



Panting, while gasping for air, Raven slumped down on a nearby wall.

It was truly an exhausting experience.

The difference between Raven's and Brandon's system was that, Raven's was 10 times harder to progress than Brandon's.

But in return, he had access to the system dungeons, which Brandon didn't have.

Meaning, he had more opportunity for growth than Brandon.

Raven stared at his system, reminiscing his hardships and struggles.

Raven grew up from humble origins, but one day his family mysteriously disappeared.

He deduced that they had abandoned him, in turn–made Raven envious of people with good families.

Life was a struggle for him, having no magic, nor talent for the sword, he took up a lot of part-time jobs just to feed himself.

But it was when he got conned by his employer, when Raven finally had enough.

He wanted to end it all, and thus he did, but failed.

After attempting to jump off a building, he realized he survived the fall with no injuries at all.

It filled him with questions, confused about how he survived in the first place.

And when he opened his eyes, what met his line of sight was a peculiar system interface.

Finally, it was time to turn his life around.

He instantly delved inside the system dungeon, but soon remembered he had no talent for the blade.

Struggles after struggles, and he finally managed to kill a single goblin.

With his initial debut, Raven continued to hone his skills inside the dungeon, to the point where he actually slept there.

And when his skills were sufficient enough, he decided to admit himself into Astrea Academy, where the best of the best only survived.

Undoubtedly, his journey had brought him so far.

After resting for a while, Raven retrieved a healing potion from his inventory, chugging it down.


After drinking the potion, Raven's injuries instantly healed, as if he never had them in the first place.

He then stood up and muttered to himself,

"Okay, back to work."


Brandon laid on the couch, grinning to himself, as he continued to stare at his phone.

On his screen displayed the stock market–particularly, Deus Company's profile.

After setting up a bank account, he deposited all his coins and received a credit card with his account information.

When he returned to the apartment, he instantly bought 3 platinum coins worth of Deus Company Shares, leaving him with 2 platinum coins for use.

For the next few hours, Brandon just continued to stare at his phone, astonished about his first investment.

This was the first time he had done such a thing in both lives, so he couldn't hold back his excitement.

From the corner of his eye, Belle spoke up, while laying on her bed,


Brandon didn't care, he was about to be rich. Whatever Belle threw his way wouldn't affect him at all.

'Okay, that's enough. I guess I gotta head to bed,' Brandon thought to himself.

He placed his phone back in his pocket, and headed directly to bed.

He didn't even take a shower.