Extra's Descent - C.23: Afterparty [4]

Extra's Descent

C.23: Afterparty [4]

After dropping Raven and Reinhard off, the three girls continued to converse in the backseat of the car.

They had discussed the events that unfolded during the party. Though, it was mostly Claire and Amy who exchanged their thoughts.

"Still though, I didn't expect Brandon to provoke that guy."

"I know, what a surprise.

Amy said, responding to Claire.

She'd never expected Brandon to act the way he did at the party.

Though, she knew there was something interesting about him.

After all, he was the one to have beaten her during Combat Class.

But when she found out his ranking, she realized he might've just been lucky.

After spending time with him in Victoria Mall, her initial impression of him wasn't really anything.

It was like he was just there.

She knew he was the only one in the group she had interacted less with.

It's not because she disliked him, but because there were barely any chances to even talk to him.

When they would engage in a group conversation, Brandon would just silently observe them.

It was as if they were characters and he was their reader.

It made Brandon seem distant, which was off putting, to say the least.

After continuing to converse with Claire, the Driver rolled the window down, abruptly cutting them off.

"We're here, Miss Amy."

She took a glance outside the window, only to find the condominium she was staying at.

"Oh, we are."


Amy opened the car door. Then turned to look at Claire and Rachel, who was looking at her as well.

"Thanks for tonight, Claire, Rachel. I'll be seeing you at the Academy tomorrow."

"Mhm, take care, Amy."

"You too, Si– Rachel."

As Amy stuttered, Claire let out a laugh.

"Pftt, it's fine, it's just the three of us, the Driver can't hear us."

"Right... Thanks for the lift, Claire."

"It's my pleasure."

Amy once again turned to glance at Rachel, leaning in for a hug.

"Stay safe, Sis."

"You too, Amy."

Claire stared at the two sisters who were warmly bidding their farewells with a smile on her face.

In truth, Reinhard wasn't Claire's only childhood friend.

She also grew up with both Amy and Rachel.

Hence, she knew what their relationship actually was.

Twin siblings. Rachel being the older one by five seconds.

Though their features were distinct, especially with their hair color, their dark-crimson eyes told a different story.

During their childhood, their parents divorced due to issues between the two families, the Ashfields and the Asamis.

While Amy was taken into custody by her mother, Samantha Ashfield, Rachel went with her father, Rafael Asami.

In turn, the two weren't allowed to reveal their relationship to the public.

But regardless, the two stayed in contact. Which is why their relationship never drifted.

And the only friend they had that knew was Claire.

After bidding their farewells, Amy waved at the car that drove off.

Amy paused for a moment, pondering again about the events at the party.

It was then when she noticed someone familiar on the other side of the street.


He had pale–white hair and ice-blue eyes, adorning a suit that was... torn.

"Is that... Brandon?"

But what was he doing there?

"Wasn't he at the party? And why is his suit all torn up?"

It piqued Amy's curiosity, as she continued to stare at Brandon who seemed to be lost in his thoughts, walking.

It was then when another familiar individual was running, making his way behind Brandon.

Immediately, Amy furrowed her brows.

It was the garbage that tried to hit on her sister.

It was then when the realization dawned upon Amy.

Trying to puzzle the pieces, she realized why Brandon's suit was torn, and why the man had followed Brandon.

"This is why he shouldn't have stayed at the party..."

Because the man might've messed up Brandon at the party.

She wasn't particularly close with Brandon, but belonging in the same group made them friends.

And as his friend, she had to do something about it.


As Amy was about to call out for them, she noticed that the man was staggering, leaning on the wall.




The sight of the man puking made Amy laugh.

"Serves you right."

She couldn't hear whatever Brandon and the man were talking about, but it seemed like Brandon decided to walk away.

"Good, choose your fights, Brandon."

But then the man followed Brandon, grabbing his shoulder.

As Amy once again furrowed her brow, the man and Brandon were going towards a dark alleyway.

Amy's alarm bells immediately rang.

Something bad was about to happen.

Brandon was in danger.

Is all she could think of.

She was confident she could beat Felix. After all, she was ranked 4th within the batch of first year students.

But she was curious about what Brandon could do.

Just where did his confidence from earlier come from?

There had to be something more about him. Something he was hiding.

Thus, Amy decided to follow them.

Walking across the pedestrian lane, Amy tailed the two.

But when she made it inside the alleyway, it was pitch black.


"I lost them."

But regardless, she beckoned inside.

The more she walked, the more she realized she was lost.

There was no sign of them anywhere.

"Just where could they be?"

It was then when a voice reached her ears. It was the man's voice.

She decided to trace the source. But once again, she reached a dead end.

But regardless, she could vividly hear the voice.

Trying to make out what the man was saying, she could hear him talking about Rachel.

This immediately infuriated Amy.

Why is the man so obsessed with her sister?

While following where the voice was, she'd always end up in a dead end.


Tak- Tak–

She clicked her tongue as she stomped her feet in frustration.

But the man's next words were when Amy finally realized something bad was really about to happen.

He was talking about Brandon's sister.

At least... That's what she thinks he's talking about.

She knew how it felt when someone talks ill about someone's sibling. Which is why she could deduce that Brandon wouldn't let it slide.

A fight was about to happen.

It was then when Amy heard sparks of magic audibly echoing the entire alleyway.

The sound was so audible that Amy could trace it closely. She didn't hit dead ends anymore.

As she was about to reach them, the sound of magic had stopped.

Arriving at the location, she was about to call out to Brandon.



Brandon wasn't there anymore.

All she could see was a man donning a white mask with blue runic marks etched on it.

He turned to glance at her.

As soon as he did that, Amy felt a chill down her spine. 𝒻𝓻𝑒ℯ𝘸𝘦𝑏𝑛𝓸𝓿𝓮𝓁.𝑐𝘰𝓶

The man was familiar for some reason, but Amy couldn't pinpoint just who.

And for some reason, she felt like it wasn't Brandon.


'This doesn't make any sense... Brandon was supposed to be here."

But at the same time he wasn't

It was then when a gale of wind lifted the man up, jumping from wall to wall, reaching the top of the building.

"Who are you?!"


The man's voice was familiar, but at the same time it wasn't.

When Amy turned to scan the area, the other man who had followed Brandon wasn't there either.


There were ashes on the ground.

"I-Is that... h-him?"

Or was it Brandon?

Amy trembled, shuddering in fear at the sight.

It was a murder.

Amy had never seen anything like it before.

The act of killing.

Gazing up, she could see the man with the mask looking down at her, and beside him was another figure with blue hair, donning a pair of shades.

Who were they?

Her hands continued to tremble. She was frozen in place.


Afraid that she was next.

After all, she was the only witness.

And from what she knew from the movies she watched, murderers would silence any witnesses.


Just his name itself made Amy's hands tremble.


'That voice...'

It was deep.


But at the same time it wasn't...

Like an opposite force was telling her it isn't the same person she thought it was


She had to get away.


As far away from them as possible.


But to her surprise the two figures disappeared.

Did they spare her?

Or would they come back to kill her?

Regardless, it seemed like they let Amy off.

With trembling hands, Amy retrieved her phone and immediately called the police.