A Hospital in Another World? - C.181


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After the fluctuation in elemental levels subsided, Garrett Nordmark still hadn’t emerged. Constructing new magic within his meditation core, he toyed around like a child with a new toy:

"Peak and valley heights need to go up a bit more! Just a bit higher! Hmm, the output power isn’t enough, the intensity of the ultrasound can’t go any higher... Let’s lower it a bit! Lower, lower... No, the casting accuracy isn’t enough, can’t control it at this level..."

Then it was the wave frequency! Increase, increase, increase... Good, feedback accuracy improved, detection distance shortened. It’s really convenient to imprint spell models in the meditation core, one can even manually adjust the frequency! Let’s lower the frequency a bit more... Lower, lower, lower...


A very faint, sharp whistle.

Uh-oh, the frequency dropped too much, into the range audible to human ears...

Garrett sweated profusely. He dared not lower the frequency further into the infrasound range, so he could only remember a few sets of the best data, planning to find a way to measure exactly how many megahertz it was later. Outside the room, Elder Wood and Master Tolga exchanged glances:

"What is this kid doing?"

"I don’t know... tinkering with his new magic? Probably..."

Regardless, the vital signs inside the guest room remained stable, life force vigorous. The crisis had passed, there shouldn’t be any trouble. Elder Wood shrugged and finally pulled Master Tolga away, each returning to their respective rooms to attend to their own matters. The barbarian remained, clutching his big club, with a loyal and resolute expression, guarding the door, exuding an aura of "one man guarding the pass, ten thousand unable to pass."

For physical professions, pulling an all-nighter was fine. But for spellcasters, it was a different story. Mages needed to meditate, priests needed to pray; these were daily tasks that required eight hours of sleep to ensure that spells for the next day would function properly...

In the guest room, Garrett finished tinkering with the ultrasound frequency and began experimenting with other ideas. Can ultrasound be focused into a beam?

Can it be emitted from multiple directions simultaneously, making it easier to determine specific conditions in a particular area?

Can it instantly generate high heat, selectively melting certain things? If that’s possible, then Sea Boats and the like would be feasible...

Can it...

One spell cast, then another, and another. It wasn’t until he had exhausted all the magic power he had left for the day that Garrett yawned and opened his eyes with satisfaction. His gaze fell on the small table beside the bed, and he immediately widened his eyes in shock, letting out a loud scream: f𝗿𝐞ewebno𝚟𝚎𝗹.𝗰𝐨m

"Ah——! My gold coins!!!!"

At the corner of the table, the little imp he had acquired today squatted by the bell, its form already thinning into a wisp of blue smoke...

Garrett was heartbroken. Seeing this, it meant the time for the little imp had expired. If he wanted to use it again, he’d have to recharge it himself!

Feeling dejected, he collapsed into bed. The next day, he woke up earlier than anyone else. When Elder Wood got up, he saw Garrett sitting in the morning light, playing with the bell he had acquired yesterday. With closed eyes, gripping the bell, he looked completely absorbed, clearly imprinting his spiritual power.

Elder Wood immediately halted his steps, observing from afar, afraid of disturbing him. After a while, Garrett opened his eyes, holding the bell in front of him, and took a deep breath:

"Time is money, my friend~~~"

Although it was a serious statement, the sing-song tone made Elder Wood feel something was off. Swish, a small wisp of blue smoke lazily drifted out, taking a while to coalesce into a form. But Garrett seemed quite satisfied with the expression on his face. After closing his eyes for a moment, he spoke again:

"Mother Earth is guiding you~~~"

The tone of this sentence was even stranger! The pronunciation was unclear, and what did Mother Earth mean? A minor branch of the faith in the Nature God?

With a swish, the blue smoke was withdrawn, obviously retracting the command. Garrett repeated this process twice, then turned to look at Elder Wood, hastily getting up:


"Ah, yes, yes. Did you successfully advance yesterday? Did you become a level two mage? Well done!" Elder Wood approached with a spring in his step. "By the way, it was busy yesterday, so we didn’t have a chance to talk in detail. What’s the matter with your visit? Did you become a level two priest? Here to learn new divine magic?"

Learning divine magic was natural, but—Garrett looked around and realized that the paper he had left with Elder Wood before had already been taken. He could only briefly explain the process of submitting the magic to the council for review and receiving a low score:

"...That’s how it is. I’ve already verified it yesterday. This magic has great benefits for medical diagnosis, but it requires a lot of supplementary data... I thought about it, and only by asking you all priests for help, by painting a meditation scene for a patient together, can this be accomplished.

—Since I’m not familiar with people in Nevis, I don’t know many priests, and I have nowhere to find patients, I can only ask Elder for help."

"Uh, this is a good thing!" Elder Wood smiled. "Teaching us your original magic, this old man owes you a big favor! Don’t worry about what’s next, leave it to me, I’ll take care of it!—You said you want to paint meditation scenes, for both healthy and sick people, right?"

Garrett nodded repeatedly, "Definitely!—I’ll take a look first, and after seeing it, I’ll paint it for them to memorize, and then they can look at it themselves..."

When studying medicine, this was how they learned: first, physiology and embryology were taught to understand what a normal person looked like, then gradually moved on to pathology and disease, explaining how things changed when someone was sick. This was also the case for dissections; they always started with normal conditions, then made you remember one, two, or even dozens of abnormalities...

Of course, whether the person they saw in anatomy class was normal or abnormal, well... it depended on fate...

The more Garrett calculated, the more worried he became. Even for himself, he had to see dozens of healthy people first—men, women, young adults, elderly, children—to find some commonalities to draw. Then, with Elder Wood and his group of dozens of priests, if they wanted everyone to be familiar with ultrasounds...

It would take at least a thousand people!

In his previous life, this wouldn’t have been an issue at all. At any major hospital’s database, you could easily pull up a bunch of images. If that wasn’t enough, you could spend a few days at a physical examination center; a day’s worth of traffic there would be enough. But here?

In this place where the concept of "physical examination" didn’t even exist?

Going around grabbing people on the streets, telling them: lie down

, lift up your clothes, let me paint a layer of oil on your belly, and use magic to take a look?

Just imagining it made Garrett feel utterly miserable.

"Emmmm..." Elder Wood pondered with his head down. "The priests in the church can easily find a few patients in the villages and farms. But trying to pull hundreds of normal people to use magic to examine? Men might be fine, but women..."

Women would be difficult... Like Miss Iris this time, if it wasn’t for him and Tolga knowing each other for many years, and having a female companion with her, Garrett doubted he could have treated her.

"I’ll figure this out." Suddenly, a clear voice sounded from behind the tree, and Lady Knight Seraina stepped out, politely nodding to Elder Wood, self-recommending:

"Elder Wood, Lord Nordmark. —If you need it, you can come to my territory. I’ll gather soldiers, castle servants, and farmers; gathering thousands of people will be easy. If any diseases are found, would you kindly treat them? The cost of releasing divine magic will be borne by my household!"